Stirling Broadcast BBC LS3/5a V2 Speakers

Stirling Broadcast BBC LS3/5a V2 Speakers

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Stirling Broadcast BBC LS3/5a V2 Speakers
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Introducing the new Stirling Broadcast BBC LS3/5a V2, designed by Stirling Broadcast to meet the exacting requirements of the BBC LS3/5a specification. This version utilises the new Stirling SB4424 and SB4428 drivers with a very hi-grade ‘SuperSpec’ crossover, all housed in thin-walled ‘Reference’ cabinets that are modelled after the famous 001/002 pair featured in Hi-Fi News. The legendary sonic character of the original LS3/5a has been retained, with the new model having the added benefit of a 5 year warranty and the assurance of the future availability of spare parts



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The V2 LS3/5a from Stirling Broadcast is awarded Best Loudspeaker under £1000 in the Hi Fi News 2005 Awards.

Once an LS3/5a License had been obtained from the BBC, Stirling Broadcast commissioned the manufacture of new T27 and B110 drive units from KEF and reintroduced the LS3/5a to the market, to enthusiastic reception. Shortly afterwards Stirling Broadcast began its path of innovation in the LS3/5a world by introducing higher quality crossovers, referred to as 'SuperSpec', and thin-walled, screw-back cabinets modelled after the prototype LS3/5a cabinets.

Following problems and uncertainties with the continuing supply of T27 and B110 drive units Stirling Broadcast have introduced an updated version of the LS3/5a, unofficially known as the V2. The designer, a luminary in the audio industry, has utilised specially prepared SEAS and ScanSpeak drive units with high grade crossovers that accurately mimic the response characteristics of the original versions. Stirling Broadcast has successfully managed to capture the best aspects of both versions of the LS3/5a, combining the faster and more modern sound of the 11 ohm version with the seductive vocal abilities of the 15 ohm version, and adding an improved and extended bass response and greater power handling for good measure.

Universally accepted as the reference for miniature systems, the LS3/5a grade two monitor delivers a wholly exceptional degree of tonal accuracy. Specifically designed for broadcasting environments where space is at a premium, each speaker is matched to within 1dB of a BBC standard. Within the domestic environment, the LS3/5a delivers a performance of unparalleled purity.

Complete with 5 years warranty .

I was very impressed by the Stirling LS3/5a V2, though its slightly forward treble balance is going to be less forgiving of treble problems in the rest of the system than was the original design, and those with larger rooms will easily ask for too much from it. Even so, it both lives up to the reputation of its illustrious ancestor and even, perhaps, improves on what the original LS3/5a had to offer.— John Atkinson Stereophile


"…Stirling returned to its origins: the V2's may be the only cabinets that are an exact copy, including materials and construction methods, of the Kingswood Warren cabinets used for the small number of very early LS3/5as that were manufactured at the BBC's in-house R&D center, units that have acquired near Arc-of-the-Covenant status among true believers. So, is the Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a V2 a true LS3/5a? The brief Derek Hughes was handed was or should have been impossible, yet the answer has to be a triumphant "Yes!" Even right out of the box the Stirlings are proud descendants of their royal lineage – the tactile midrange, the projected presence, the warm upper-bass, the stellar imaging, the deceptively large presentation – they're all back…Although it's been well over fifteen years since I've owned a pair, they were once one of several valued references and I've much enjoyed this recent reunion. To give the little devils their due, that old black magic that I once knew so well still weaves a pretty bewitching spell." – Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound,

"Suffice it to say, Doug Stirling and his designer have, through careful deliberation and experimentation, produced a surrogate that even the most hidebound LS3/5a purist could not fail to admire." Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News, Sept 2005 
Stirling Broadcast AB-2 Bass Extenders for LS3/5a

Picture Shown with  Stirling AB-2 Bass Extenders ( Not Included )
NEW!! Stirling AB-2 Bass Extenders for Stirling V2 and all LS3/5a's

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