Acoustic Energy 108 Subwoofer

Acoustic Energy 108 Subwoofer

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Acoustic Energy 108 Subwoofer
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The Acoustic Energy AE 108 Subwoofer is a compact yet extremely powerful active sub, delivering impressively rich and dynamic bass performance and designed to be at its best when used in pairs.

The pairing of subwoofers allows for increased control over room boom and standing waves and offers a larger impact and punch than just one subwoofer. At 28cm square, teh AE 108 is Acoustic Energy's most compact subwoofer to date.
The AE 108 includes a host of features such as remote control operation and extra large floor spikes with innovative high density rubber cups for use on hard floors.
The subwoofer Acoustic Energy 108 is designed for small rooms and it largely determines the nature of its sound. It differs sufficiently intelligent supply with excellent portrayal sonicated low-frequency band. In the main working range of the device is extremely delicate and natural, but the lower end of the cone control and precision damping reverberation somewhat reduced. The model showed excellent quality and a decent strike rate necessary for adequate reproduction of fast musical passages. Hifi Review
 Mid/Bass Drivers: 200mm recycled pulp fibre cone
- Power Handling: 150 Watts Active
- Frequency Response: 38Hz - 120Hz (+/- 3dB)
- Cabinet: Sealed box
- Weight (Each): 10kg
- Size: 280mm3
Black Ash, Walnut or High Gloss White






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