Acoustic Energy 308 Subwoofers ( Pair )

Acoustic Energy 308 Subwoofers ( Pair )

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Acoustic Energy 308 Subwoofers ( Pair )
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It’s topped off by incredibly potent bass from the 308 Sub, which integrates seamlessly with the 301s and 307 and never lets its mammoth power smother them. There’s slam and scale, but despite this its power bass notes sound tight and agile. - Trusted Reviews

The 308 is a powerful, sealed-box active subwoofer for home entertainment systems.

This hugely powerful 500watt subwoofer will integrate with the rest of the 3-Series flawlessly.


Available in Piano Black and Gloss White this sub, a 36cm cube, will fit well into any medium or large room.

Inside the floor-friendly rubber feet are carpet-piercing spikes should they be required.


The pairing of subwoofers allows for increased control over room boom and standing waves and offers a larger impact and punch than just one subwoofer. . Ideal match for Acoustic Energy 3 Series or Any other Speaker


Next we come to the 308 subwoofer, another sumptuously built unit. Unlike some speaker systems, which throw in any old sub no matter what it looks like, AE has taken care to style the 308 in the same way as the other speakers.That means you get the same black or white lacquer finish wrapped around a sealed cube measuring 36mm x 36mm with clean lines. Build quality is exceptionally good, bulking up the weight to 20kg and giving it incredible stability – Trustedreviews

Throughout my time with it, the sub didn’t really put a foot wrong and managed to keep up with its agile passive brethren. It's a civilised and refined piece of equipment, sharing some of the traits of the other speakers, in that low-level detail is generally convincing and there is no shortage of low-end shove. Home Cinema Choice


Type:  Sealed-box, active subwoofer
Driver: 300mm pulp cone with 60mm thermally bonded voice coil, High-power long-throw magnet system
Low Frequency Cut-off: -6dB @ 28Hz
Amplifier: 500 Watts activesystem
Low Pass Filter: Variable 2nd order, 35Hz to 150Hz
Phase: Variable 0 to 180

Dimensions: 360 x 360 x 360mm (HxWxD)
Weight: 20kg (Single unpacked)

Finishes: High gloss piano black or white


Acoustic Energy 3-Series

Acoustic Energy 3-Series

Built In 500W amplifier. On the back is a selection of dials for tweaking the volume, crossover frequency and phase, plus stereo cinch input/output and separate LFE input.

#### High Gloss Piano Black or White ######


#### £ 150 worth of Free Vinyl of Your Choice ######

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