Blue Circle - BC208 Mono Power Amplifiers 215wpc

Blue Circle - BC208 Mono Power Amplifiers 215wpc

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Blue Circle - BC208 Mono Power Amplifiers 215wpc
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I've written about some of the best amplifiers on the planet, from the Lamm monoblocks I use as my reference to the wonderful Atma-Sphere MA-2 Mk II.3s. The Blue Circle BC208s are the finest pieces of audio equipment that I've heard from Gilbert Yeung; but more than this, they are the easiest amps to listen to -- on all types of music -- that I've had in my system. This feat alone puts them firmly in the company of the best amps I've heard, and makes them a Reviewers' Choice.- Audiobeat

The BC208 may look like a mono BC206 but it's not. They are quite different. The '208 does not follow the traditional rules of amplifier design and we don't expect that it will appeal to everyone.
The BC208 is quite different from the other '200 series amplifiers in that it is a low gain high power amplifier. In fact it has the lowest voltage gain of any Blue Circle amplifier - ever. With a low gain amplifier the preamplifier needs to produce a higher signal in order to get the same amount of power that you would get from a more conventional high gain amplifier. This approach is somewhat nontraditional but it results in a higher system signal to noise ratio yielding a quieter background, clearer image and more vivid focus.
"Many times, the critical listening would just go out the window as I found myself immersed in the music." ...Mike Wright, Stereo Times.
               * mono hybrid power amplifier 
               *  215 watt into 8 ohms, 430 watt into 4 ohms
               * use (4) 6922 tube for the input stage   
               * total capacitance over 1.2 Farad (1,200,000uF) both channels
               * standard with 6ft BC68 power cord 
               *Cosmetic options  same as other 200 series power amps.
"The easiest amps to listen to -- on all types of music -- that I've had in my system." Marc Mickelson ,Soundstage
When ridiculous becomes logical
When you know Gilbert Yeung and see his colossal BC208 amps for the first time, you begin to wonder what he was thinking. For the fortunate few who will get to hear these amps day after day, however, any incredulity will be overshadowed by the unassuming way they reproduce music. To my ears, the BC208s are perfect amplifying devices; they are easy to forget -- their sound seems tailored to create this reaction -- because they resemble what I hear from live music to a tremendous degree: no grain or grit, no electronic mist. There's a free-flowing way with all aspects of musical reproduction, and what serious listener wouldn't appreciate that?  Soundstage
At more than $24K, the Blue Circle Audio BC208s aren’t cheap. But if you can afford them, you will be buying a truly exceptional pair of amplifiers that have a lot of gifts related to its performance and its ability to shine with whatever you’re using in your system. The BC208 mono-amplifiers are “highly recommended”.  Stereotimes


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