Blue Circle BC707 Phono Stage

Blue Circle BC707 Phono Stage

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Blue Circle BC707 Phono Stage
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BC707 Phono Stage
User adjustable gain: 60 dB or 39 dB and external R and C loading

I really like the BC707 from Blue Circle Audio. At $2525 for the base model, it isn’t exactly cheap, but it delivers performance that’s more than commensurate with its price. While I can’t profess to say that it’s the best phono stage in the world, I know for a fact that it’s the best one I’ve heard in my system. As I write this, I’ve returned the BC707 to Blue Circle. I sorely, intensely want it back. That doesn’t happen very often. The tax man calls, so there’s no way I can scrape up the cash for one of my own right now, but as soon as I can. - Ultraaudio

Living in an age where just about everything is mass-produced by machine in a factory somewhere, it's always refreshing to find that some things are still built by hand. One company in our little audio world that has a decidedly hands-on approach is Blue Circle. When you buy a Blue Circle component, you buy something designed, built and tested by one man, Gilbert Yeung. Okay, perhaps he has a couple of helpers but I guarantee you, his hands are on it at some point. And, he builds it just for you. Want an extra pair of inputs? No problem. Or maybe a lime green chassis to match your Rega? Done. I like that. Sure, I want the best audio components I can afford but I am also partial to those who take a more personal or artisan approach. It's not that I think such components are necessarily better. Maybe it's that they seem more human which attracts me. It just feels good. Maybe it makes you feel good too.-  Paul Candy 6moons

In conclusion, the Blue Circle BC707 was a big step up from an entry-level phonostage, particularly in terms of reduced noise, overall tonal balance, nuance and detail. Furthermore, the BC707 was timbrally neutral, instruments had a good sense of scale and best of all; the way it played music was natural as opposed to that tipped up, artificial audiophile sound which tells me that I'm listening to a bunch of electrons zipping through electronic bits, not real people playing music. Over the BC707, listening to music was never boring or irritating, which I admit can happen occasionally with my current analog front end. I only wish I still had the Scheu Premier II table on hand. I suspect I was not hearing all this lovely phono stage is capable of. Still, one must start somewhere. If you have a modest table/cartridge combo and hanker to hear more of your records, do check out the BC707. Not only will it surprise and please you now, I suspect it will continue to serve you well down the road through further system upgrades. And, you can get it in hot pink too.

The BC707

The BC707, the first BC product to incorporate their new FC technology, supplies all the features and functionality  to provide excellent vinyl reproduction for the vast majority of systems. It offers the smooth, rich   round full presentation that only vinyl can supply. Matched with a quality turntable and cartridge, the BC707 will perform flawlessly with a wide variety of MM and MC cartridges. The external loading feature  BC707 rear was designed to easily adjust the loading to suit your favorite MC cartridge. With the optional adjustable loading plug, you can adjust the loading to an infinite degree while the music is playing.
We reserved the internal real estate for the serious vinyl advocate that demands more. The BC707 is a upgraded version of the BC709. Its power supply is one of our trademark upgrades. With filtering capacitance approaching 700,000uF, the BC707 is stable enough to handle the most demanding musical passages effortlessly.
BC707 have balanced output options for those who have a balanced system. With the balanced output option it provides the benefit of a balanced system without the hassle of re-terminating your tone arm cable with a balanced connector.
Optional accessories:
Various resistance and/or capacitance loading plugs
User adjustable precision trimming loading plugs
Balanced output option - 
Optional plexiglass faceplate -additional 
Optional stainless steel faceplate
Technical Specs for BC707
Residual noise referenced to full rated output (with 1k ohm loading): >-85dB or < 300uV non-weighted
Tracking error: < +/- 0.15dB
Distortion at 5V output: <0.05 %
Voltage gain: 60db, 39db (user adjustable)
Maximum output: 8.5V
input impedance: 1ohm to 47Kohm (user adjustable)
input capacitance: user adjustable by loading plug
output impedance: <10ohms
Power consumption: 1.8 watts. (less than most LED flashlights)
Dimensions: 19"wide x 2"height x 13.5"deep
Weight: 12 lbs (BC709), 14 lbs (BC707)
The BC707 High Precision Reference Phonostage
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