Tony Sheridan and Opus 3 Artists - SACD


Tony Sheridan and Opus 3 Artists - SACD

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Tony Sheridan and Opus 3 Artists - SACD
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A tribute to the late rock singer-songwriter Tony Sheridan by fellow Opus 3 artists such as jazz vocal Maria Winther, bluesman Bottleneck John, pop singer Therese Mercedes Myrhed and others.
One of the early collaborators of the Beatles and one of two only non-Beatles (the other being Billy Preston) to receive label performance credit on a record with the group, and the only non-Beatle to appear as lead singer on a Beatles recording which charted as a single, Tony Sheridan is an English rock and roll singer-songwriter and guitarist.
Sadly, Tony died at the beginning of 2013, leaving us not only with memories but also recordings which Opus 3 Records had made of just him and his guitar in his home in Hamburg. On this new recording from Opus 3 Records it features 3 new Tony Sheridan recorded songs including: "Tell Me If You Can" co-written by Paul McCartney. The other 9 songs on this album feature Opus 3 Recording Artists covering previous Tony Sheridan songs including the hit "Skinny Minnie." Opus 3 Records Artists performing on this tribute to Tony Sheridan include: Bottleneck John, Maria Winther, Yamina and Therese Mercedes Myrhed. This Stereo/Hybrid SACD can be played on any standard compact disc player.
1. Tell Me If You Can - Tony Sheridan
2. Muscovado - Maria Winther
3. Numbers On the Sun - Bottleneck John
4. Travelling Through the Night - Yamina
5. He Said Yeah - Therese Mercedes Myrhed
6. Julie, Julie - Nick Malmestrom
7. Indochina - Tony Sheridan
8. Open Road - Maria Winther
9. The Music Must Go On - Roger Ekman
10. Serene Is All - Maria Winther
11. Skinny Minnie - Bottleneck John
12. The Puzzle - Tony Sheridan
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