Foaie Verde - Studio Konzert - 180g LP

Foaie Verde - Studio Konzert - 180g LP

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Foaie Verde - Studio Konzert - 180g LP
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Neuklang - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl - Live Direct To 2 Track

AAA 100% Analogue  - Hand Numbered Limited Edition -  Pressed  at Pallas 

AAA 100% Analogue This  LP was Remastered using Pure Analogue Components Only, from the Master Tapes through to the Cutting Head

Tonmeister Johannes Wohlleben has captured the recording with natural sound colors, while retaining even the finest details. It makes every effort to enjoy the musical energy of the band Foaie Verde on record again and again. For both the interpretive and the technical, this 24th edition in the Studio concert series is a treat for vinyl fans - once more!

Live – Direct-To-2-Track - 180 g Audiophile Vinyl Pressing - NUMBERED LIMITED EDITION

In the tradition of wild, virtuoso music of the Roma and the Sinti, the outstanding ensemble Foaie Verde plays a mixture of different musical traditions of the Sinti and Roma: Folk of the Balkans meets Oriental, Bulgarian themes appear alongside Turkish melodies, Romanian folklore and Gypsymusic, Hungarian, Yugoslav and Russian merge into a new, distinctively multicultural whole. Two violins, accordion, guitar and contrabass form a concentrate of unbridled energy and unrivaled joie de vivre. The enchanting singer Katalin Horvath sings the songs sometimes spiritedly dancing, sometimes elegiac and melancholic.

Foaie Verde means "green leaf" in Romanian, but it is also an exclamation of ecstasy, astonishment or astonishment. Both of these describe this studio concert more than aptly: alive, powerful and full of emotions. 

Musically at the highest level, exploring all facets of musical expression, Foaie Verde draws the listeners into an ecstatic tumult of sounds and sounds that will be carried with him as stored solar energy. 

On the evening the musicians showed an enormous range of tempi, rhythms and sound colors. On the one hand, the complicated, fast-paced but always precise melody sequences of the two violinists Sebastian Klein and Felix Borel , then again the shuddering Bajan by Vladimir Trenin, For the rhythmic and harmonious basic framework, Frank Wekenmann on the guitar and Veit Hübner on the bass were no less precise and enthusiastic . The singer Katalin Horváth interpreted the traditional melodies extremely stilecht and brought with her tales the audience closer to the contents of the songs. 

Fiercely spirited, elegiac or melancholic. In the highest, audiophilic sound quality, the record makes this special evening to perfection. As usual, as pure analog 180-gram vinyl from the 18th August available everywhere! 

Sound master: Johannes Wohlleben
"Completely absorbed in their music, everything is still only in the flow and emerges from the deepest interior." 08/17

Disk: 1
  1. Tutti Frutti
  2. Mademoiselle de Bucarest
  3. Sirba Pompierilor
  4. A Devla
  5. Hora Lui Caliu
  6. Suita Instrumentala
  7. Pava
  8. Muiere Muiere
  9. Turceasca
  10. Marjanja

Pressing: Pallas 
Contents: 180g vinyl, folded cover hand numbered. 
Special feature: pure analog production (2-gauge Studer A820), first edition limited to 500 pieces.


Pure analogue direct-to-2-track recording:

Microphones: Sennheiser E 935, dpa 4099 Guitar, Ear Trumpet Labs - Edwina, AKG C141, Neumann U87, dpa 4099, dpa 4060, Crown PZM, Sennheiser MKH 20 
AMS Neve VXS console 60-Channel Patchbay 
Studer A 820 tape machine

Katalin Horváth - vocals 

Sebastian Klein - viola 
Felix Borel - viola 
Frank Wekenmann - guitar 
Vladimir Trenin - accordion 
Veit Hübner - double bass

Recording September 27, 2016 at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg.

STUDIO KONZERT is the audiophile Direct-To-2-Track fully analogue recorded concert series, produced by the Bauer Studios since early 2013 and available in shops as numbered and limited 180g vinyl records with a premium-quality packaging.

STUDIO KONZERT: That is our large atmospheric recording room, which inspired numerous firstclass artists. That is also extreme concentration and highly motivated artists for this very special moment. It is an attentive audience captivated by the fascination of this moment. This is the only way to create such fascinating moments in a very special concert situation.

STUDIO KONZERT: That are experienced sound engineers who conduct the acoustic brilliance with our first-class studio equipment: precious microphones, analogue effect devices and our clear, analogue Neve mixing console. Our Studer A 820 tape-records in a unique “direct-to-2-track” way.

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