JF UDS-3 Music Server / DAC 32 Bit 768 Khz : DSD 64/128/256

JF UDS-3 Music Server / DAC 32 Bit 768 Khz : DSD 64/128/256

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JF UDS-3 Music Server / DAC 32 Bit 768 Khz : DSD 64/128/256
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Music Network Player - 32bit 768khz DAC

DSD Direct Stream Digital 64/128/256 DAC

7 Inch Colour TouchScreen

Pre Amp with Digital Volume - RCA & XLR Outputs

Headphone Amp

7-inch high-definition display
PCM format 32Bit/768KHz
DSD format 64/128/256 2.8 - 12.2 Mhz DSD
S/P DIF*8 Inputs--Alone DAC
HDMI*4 Inputs Module (Option)
Analog*2 Inputs Module (Option)
Android/IOS APP Remote Control(Built-in Router)

HDMI Module

PCM and DSD format decoding
HDMI * 4 inputs, HDMI * 1 pass-through output (1080P/3D)
PCM and DSD format source code signal recording (wav and dff format)

Analog Input Module

Analog signal output PCM and DSD formats
PCM, DSD format source code signal recording (wav and dff format)
RCA, XLR / balanced set of input * 2

Extreme performance of hardware configuration

UDS Series Stream Servers have unprecedented powerful performance, and also have the top high performance of hardware configuration (ARM + FPGA + DSP + ES9018 * 2 decoder + WM8741 * 2decoder,ES9018 and WM8741 D/A converter for each channel,Dual Differential coupling for optimal performance), using three groups independent clock oscillator (44.1KHz, 48KHz, and DSD) format which is developed specifically for digital audio to ensure that the clock performance makes low clock jitter and phase noise - Phase Jitter ± 1kHz -150 dBc/Hz ).



The ultimate audio format

Support more digital audio formats, including DSD/DTS/PCM (FLAC, DSD/ISO/DIFF/DSF, APE, AIFF, Apple Lossless(ALAC), AAC, etc), 
and support PCM 32Bit/768KHz, DSD 2.8M-5.6M superhigh stream audio formats. All of the signal adopt source output to process hardware decoding, offering outstanding dynamic performance.

More input interface

Support various input and output interfaces, including S/PDIF RCA, AES/EBU, Optical, HDMI, Analog input ADC as well as other digital audio interfaces, that equivalent of an analog pre-stage, pre-digital, analog recorder, digital recorder, CD player, CD Ripper, HDMI decoders, and many other functions in one Stream Server.



Modular DIY accessories

All functions employ modular structure. Every module can be DIY selected according to users’ demand(including the ES9018 * 2 DAC module, WM8741 * 2 DAC module, Analog Input ADC module, HDMI DAC module, CD Driver, etc), which is very flexible to combine more personalized Stream Servers.



The ultimate user experience

Supporting WIFI Direct control DLNA and Airplay (without Router) and support for multiple platforms Remote APP - Android/IOS/Windows PC/Mac. The network control protocol through optimization can be compatible with more audio formats Remote control, such as DSD/difi, dsf formats etc.



Personalized Internet radio.

Easy to use Internet radio. It supports internet radio station logo display, radio recording, allowing users to manually add radio stations in the background and creating personalized playlists as well as other handy applications; 








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