Analogis Wet Type Record Cleaning Arm (Lenco Clean)

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Analogis Wet Type Record Cleaning Arm (Lenco Clean)
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Analogis Clean
Product Content: - cleaning arm - axis - 250ml fluid "Super Clean" - small cleaning brush
Demanding records lovers surely know the eternal discussions on "Wet player". We have clearly opted for the wet play! There are some good reasons to use the Analogis Clean Wet player consistently: - cleaning during playback -
No charging of the record - by reducing the friction between stylus and record groove with simultaneous cooling of the contacting points are damage to the discs vinyls avoided, reduced Abtastverzerrungen and the wear of the Abtastdiamanten reduced by at least 50%.
- The special composition of Analogis SuperClean fluid (without chemical, antistatic substances) avoids the formation of stubborn deposits in the record groove and the Abtastdiamanten - Virtually no wear your precious records
Modern Version of the Lenco/Goldring  Lenco Clean
A good transcription arm works even better with a first class cleaning arm.
The Lencoclean record cleaning device cleans and moistens the record while it is being played, thereby reducing the unwanted noises to a minimum as well as increasing considerably the life of the record.
The cooling action of the wet playing system and the semi-sterile conditions created make an invaluable contribution to record and stylus care, and even records previously rejected as almost unplayable take on a new lease of life.
Designed for use with Lenco Super Tonic

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