Anne Bisson - Blue Mind - 45rpm 180g 2LP

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Anne Bisson - Blue Mind - 45rpm 180g 2LP
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AAA 100% Analogue This LP was Remastered using Pure Analogue Components Only from the Master Tapes through to the Cutting Head

CAM5-4109 - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl - Mastered by Bernie Grundman

Pressed at RTI -  1,000 Hand Numbered Limited Edition - Bonus Tracks

Hand-Numbered, Limited Edition 

"The album itself has a beautifully quiet backdrop, while Bisson's considered and emotional delivery will have fans of Diana Krall rushing to their wallets." -Hi-Fi World

 There are plenty of piano accompanied jazz singing productions out there but few are as lyrical in artistry and yet consistent in mood, fluidic in execution and three-dimensional in spatiality as this RTI 45rpm 2-LP set. Kudos to remastering engineer Bernie Grundman and RTI for this fine production, for I would’ve cast less a vote of confidence in a follow-up production if it were another group by another producer, but with Bernie and Gary together at the helm, lightning will strike twice. Demonstration class in musicality and sound.- .Dagogo.Review

This fantastic audiophile recording is now even better - if you can believe it! The album has been remastered by Bernie Grundman and pressed by RTI on 180g Vinyl 45rpm Double LP. With the extra space on the double LP pressing, the album now contains the songs that previously only appeared on the CD version but were omitted from the original audiophile LP release.

"Re-releasing this album was a labor of love for me, and whether you're a first-time listener, or a long-time afficionado, I hope you enjoy it with the same pleasure I had in bringing it to you. Again." - Anne Bisson

Anne Bisson and Simaudio joined forces with legendary producer, conductor, and arranger Guy St-Onge, along with René Laflamme of Fidelio Audio, bassist Normand Guilbault, and drummer Paul Brochu, to deliver a masterpiece of exceptional music that is sure to take your breath away.

This fantastic audiophile recording features a rich and warm midrange, with sultry tones that envelop and embrace. The first time you hear Bisson's crystal clear voice, you'll likely get shivers, while subsequent listens will reveal a depth and emotional core that resonate long after the final chord has sounded. Melodies soar with a delicate confidence through changes that are a unique blend of jazz and vocal pop.

We couldn't be more excited to present such an exquisitely recorded album from a truly gifted performer.

• Hand-Numbered, Limited Edition 
• Audiophile Quality 180g Translucent Blue Vinyl 
• Blue Vinyl Limited To Only 1000 Copies! 
• 45rpm Double LP
• Two bonus tracks that previously only available on CD!
• Remastered by Bernie Grundman
• Pressed at RTI • Deluxe Laminated Gatefold Jacket
• Two 12" x 12" Inserts with full lyrics

Anne Bisson, piano, vocals
Paul Brochu, drums
Normand Guilbault, double bass

    Side A:
    1. Soothing Your Soul
    2. Little Black Lake
    3. Hoping Love Will Last
Side B:
    4. Camilio
    5. Why Is It So
Side C:
    1. September in Montreal
    2. Secret Survivor
    3. Do What You Please
Side D:
    4. Blue Mind
    5. Dragonfly
    6. New Start


Anne Bisson - Blue Mind - 45rpm 180g 2LP

RTI HQ-180 Vinyl

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