Bruckner - Symphonie Nr.7 : Berlin Philharmonic : Haitink (direct-to-disc) - 180g 2LP Box Set

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Bruckner - Symphonie Nr.7 : Berlin Philharmonic : Haitink (direct-to-disc) - 180g 2LP Box Set
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AAA 100% Analogue This LP was Remastered using Pure Analogue Components Only from the Master Tapes through to the Cutting Head

Sound 11/10 Analogueplanet the recording is transparent, three-dimensional, "you are there" quality.

Produced by: Emil Berliner Studios/Rainer Maillard

Berliner Philharmoniker
Bernard Haitink conductor

Anton Bruckner Symphony No. 7 in E major
(Second, revised edition by Leopold Nowak)

Recorded live at the Philharmonie Berlin on 11 May 2019

Vinyl direct-to-disc recording
Josephson Microphones

C700S, two C722S, two C617

Record cutting lathe
Neumann VMS 80

Produced by Emil Berliner Studios
Rainer Maillard, Sidney Meyer

Extracts from Bernard Haitink's conducting score
Replica of a ticket
Programme booklet for the concert
Analogue photograph of the recording
Certificate signed by the producer

It was a special evening when Bernard Haitink performed Bruckner’s Seventh Symphony with the Berliner Philharmoniker on 11 May 2019. Ever since his first guest appearance with the Philharmoniker in 1964, Haitink had repeatedly proved himself an outstanding interpreter of Bruckner. And in this concert, too, his qualities became apparent in Haitink’s deep spiritual penetration and the organic development of the music. The concert took on a special dimension in retrospect when Haitink ended his conducting career. This evening became the keystone of the collaboration between Bernard Haitink and the Berliner Philharmoniker. It is now being released in a vinyl edition that has been produced using the direct-to-disc process.

For the Berliner Philharmoniker, Bernard Haitink is more than a highly-esteemed conductor – he is a friend and companion. He conducted the orchestra almost two hundred times, both in the Philharmonie and on tour. And he always impressed with his superb craftsmanship, perfect knowledge of the score and elegant appearance. Bernard Haitink is not a conductor who wants to force things; his ideal is the free flow of music. This attitude led to exhilarating concert experiences, especially with Bruckner, and so it was with this performance of the Seventh Symphony: the enormous arcs of tension occur organically, with expansive breathing. In addition, Haitink’s deep understanding of the complex structures and metaphysical dimensions of this music can always be felt.

And so it is particularly fortunate that this last joint concert of the Berliner Philharmoniker with Bernard Haitink was documented in a direct-to-disc recording. Direct-to-disc represents the ultimate in analogue recording quality. Without any further processing, the sound is cut directly into a master disc at the moment of performance – the basis for a vinyl release of unique sonic authenticity. This complex, end-to-end analogue process is hardly used any more in today's digital age. Another special feature in the case of this release is the puristic recording with only one stereo pair of microphones. In this way it was possible to achieve a sound image that is extraordinarily close to the original acoustics of the Philharmonie. The result is a high-quality, limited vinyl edition.

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