Charlie Haden - Nocturne - 180g 2LP

Charlie Haden - Nocturne - 180g 2LP

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Charlie Haden - Nocturne - 180g 2LP
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Khiov Music Play 33 / Verve - DZ3109 - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl -

1st Time on Vinyl - Pressed at Pallas -  Limited Edition 

The albums are released  in Deluxe Packing  for the first time and the heavyweight 180g vinyl LP is pressed in Germany by Pallas .with 6 Page Insert & Polylined Sleeves

Originally released on CD in 2001, Charlie Haden's Nocturne was awarded the Grammy Award in 2002 for Best Latin Jazz Album.

180g heavy-weight vinyl to ensure quality sound, packaged in gatefold cover, and covered by premium protective vinyl outer sleeve.

The “Play 33 1/3 LP Series” features masterpiece albums released in the '90s converted for the first time world-wide to analog Long Playing record. The album cover and package created after months of graphic work and processes by hand enhanced its excellence and to ensure the record’s superb sound quality, the German MMP, who undertook the record production of EMI Germany and Universal, utilized a heavy weight 180g vinyl LP to contain the sound. Khiov who was in charge of the planning and production of many LP miniature series took charge of the album cover production spending 6 months to create a masterpiece.

This project was highly scrutinized passing rigid testing at the factory in Germany. Even the performers themselves had not been able to put their hands on the LP version of their own albums as their home country had not produced them.  The LPs produced by this project certainly have become must-have items by LP lovers all around the world.

In the age where faster and more convenient is thought to be better, the increase in demand for the retro vinyl LP worldwide is clearly attributed to the satisfaction from the sound offered by analog products impossible to be replicated by CD and digital products and the delight of touching, feeling, and possessing this masterpiece-like large artwork. Furthermore, LP records have both rarity and history that increase their value over time and serve as an attractive factor for collectors.

Originally released on CD in 2001, Charlie Haden's Nocturne was awarded the Grammy Award in 2002 for Best Latin Jazz Album.

"Charlie Haden teams up once more with the young Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba for this melancholy, soothing album. Ignacio Berroa, on drums and percussion, completes the core trio. Special guests include tenor saxophonists Joe Lovano and David Sanchez, violinist Federico Britos Ruiz, and guitarist Pat Metheny 

Rubalcaba contributes orchestrations on two cuts, both of which omit drums and percussion. Haden's intention is to explore the bolero, a distinctive Latin dance rhythm that Ignacio Berroa accents with a soft, subtle snare drum roll, played with brushes, beginning on the "and" of the first beat of the bar and ending on the second.

This rhythm is perfect for a slow dance, and indeed, the entire album is highly romantic, with bittersweet melodies and lilting cadences..." -

Charlie Haden, bass
Gonzalo Rubalcaba, piano
Ignacio Berroa, drum, percussion
Joe Lovano, saxophone
David Sanchez, tenor saxophone
Pat Metheny, acoustic guitar
Federico Britos Ruiz, violin

LP 1

1. En La Orilla del Mundo (At the Edge of the World)
2. Noche De Ronda (Night of Wandering)
3. Nocturnal
4. Moonlight (Claro De Luna)
5. Yo Sin Ti (Me Without You)
6. No Te Empenes Mas (Don't Try Anymore)
LP 2
1. Transparence
2. El Ciego (The Blind)
3. Nightfall
4. Tres Palabras (Three Words)
5. Contigo En La Distancia / En Nosotros (With You In the Distance / In Us)

Charlie Haden - Nocturne - 180g 2LP

60 Years Pallas
Audiophile Vinyl - Made in Germany  For over 60 years the family business in the third generation of the special personal service and quality "Made by Pallas" is known worldwide. Our custom PVC formulation produces consistently high pressing quality with the lowest surface noise in the industry. Our PVC complies with 2015 European environmental standards and does not contain toxic materials such as Lead, Cadmium or Toluene. Our vinyl is both audiophile and eco-grade! 


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