Glorious Record Box 110 Black

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Glorious Record Box 110 Black
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The Glorious Record Box 110 is a simple and solid storage system for your 12" records.
By being open on the side, this stylish case makes it simple to flick through your record collection (navigating by the spines of the sleeves).
The 110 model is the middle-sized single box storage option produced by Glorious.
These record boxes are made of high-quality MDF wood, available with black or white shrink-wrap finish.
Glorious Record Box 110
Storing records is an issue that haunts me and, I suspect, many of you reading this. I can spend time and good money producing fixed storage space for vinyl and, then faced with acres of ready space, gaze upon the shelving with a satisfied eye and a contented smile. It’s only the next day that a grievous sense of unease slowly envelops as I realise that this new-found space is not ‘the solution’. It is merely a temporary alleviation of an on-going problem. I'm looking at Paracetomol in MDF.
The Glorious Record Box is a way of keeping that grievous dread at bay because it allows you to add space as an when you want or need it and, this is the critical bit, in any direction, podule by podule, box by box and in affordable slices instead of the major investment that permanent storage demands. 
Available in two additional sizes that will take 55 records or 230 LPs, this stackable collection of storage options is made from standard MDF wood in a black or white finish. Open at one end, the box is a simple affair that is virtually impossible to build incorrectly (it arrives as a flat pack) but, I've got to say, the instructions do their best to make things difficult. Faced with just five pieces of wood and a batch of screw-in bolts, I still managed to get the build order wrong. Mainly because the instructions are Gary Cooper-like in their essence: they don’t talk much. Just a few sparsely annotated and rather dubious illustrations. Once successfully traversed, however, construction was speedy. Screw-in locking nuts provide fixation and strength. I was pleased to see that there were made from metal instead of the commonly seen plastic varieties often found in low cost bookshelves. 
A quick to build, easily transported, modular storage medium that is ideal for any concerned vinyl collector. 
From the pen of Paul Rigby
Key Features:
Holds up to 110 12" records
Combination system: perfectly stackable with other Glorious Record Boxes
Optically matches the Glorious Mix Station and Mix Extension
Available with black or white shrink-wrap finish
Technical Data:
Material: MDF Wood
Dimensions (W x H x D): 355 x 355 x 340mm
Weight: 7.1kg
Please Note:  Box only, no records are provided.

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