Jelco SA-250LB 12" Inch Tonearm Black

Jelco SA-250LB 12" Inch Tonearm Black

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Jelco SA-250LB 12" Inch Tonearm Black
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The SA-250 model is a widely used and justly beloved tonearm - Audioreview
The New 12 Inch Version of the Famous SA-250 is Jelco's entry level S-shaped arm,
Features include a removable headshell and calibrated tracking force and anti-skate adjustment.
This noble Japanese tonearms may not not the sexy design of such an SME what is offered does not or hardly more expensive designs. This manufacturer is known worldwide but what unsurpassed, perhaps because of the low profile attitude and extremely sober approach.
Sometimes the least conspicuous products are among the most important and Jelco is such a legend
without public status. That may change over time but would probably keep it there in Japan they prefer as it
is, honest stuff for a fair price.
The SA-250 is the little sister of the SA-750 and constitutes the core of the Jelco trio because it shares
characteristics with  the SA-750  The ingredients consist of an S- arm
tube with the same HS-Headshellas that of the SA-750 and the standard bearing system
plus chassis, which is shared with the ST.
No oil-damping and in some respects somewhat simplerconstruction and finish determine the lower price. 
Type: static balance s-shaped pipe type
Holding mechanism: one point cross suspension type
You will see this arm on many decks in the world, and for good reason, its high quality bearings, resonance damped arm tube, the exclusive internal wiring, means that it's a true 'plug and play' arm. No modifications needed or desirable, it's made right the first time!
Jelco have been in business since 1920 and have manufactured tone-arms for the world's biggest-name turntable producers. Manufacturers that have marketed Jelco arms under their own names include
Koetsu, Sumiko, Audioquest, Linn, Oracle, Ariston, Roksan, Revolver, Mission and Graham.
In fact, Jelco manufactured the famous Sumiko MMT and the Linn Ittock II.


- nothing at the price


Please note: Jelco tonearms are supplied with standard Tonearm Cable & Headshell

Upgraded Sound & Performance with Jelco Premium Cables & Headshells.

Jelco HS-30 Rosewood Headshell           Jelco JAC - audiophile  neglex copper with gold plated Plugs

                                                                  Straight & 90Geg  Din & XLR

Jelco HS-30 Rosewood  Headshell              Jelco  JAC-501 Tonearm Cable - Straight Din Plug 1.2M       Jelco JAC 506XLR Tonearm Cable - XLR Balanced   Straight 1.2M

Full range of Tonearm Cables & MM/MC Cartridges can be Supplied

Turntable &  Cartridge Shown ( NOT ) Included
Full Range of Cables , MM/MC Cartridges , Universal  Plug In Cartridges &  Headshells
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Jelco SA-250L 12" Inch Tonearm Silver
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