Mobile Fidelity Mofi - Record Cleaning Kit

Mobile Fidelity Mofi - Record Cleaning Kit

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Mobile Fidelity Mofi - Record Cleaning Kit
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Don't have a record cleaning machine !  Well here's a  MoFi Record Care kit to keep your precious collection sounding its best 
• 32oz. bottle of Mobile Fidelity LP Super Record Wash
• 50 pack of Mobile Fidelity Anti-Static Record Inner Sleeves
• Mobile Fidelity Record Brush 
Mobile Fidelity LP Super Record Wash (32oz):
To achieve the proper base for the Record Research Labs fluids, Brian Weitzel (a chemist and Lp enthusiast in the Pacific Northwest) designed and built a special copper distillery, producing quadruple deionized water. Distilled water as a base still contains many trace minerals which can be positively or negatively charged and attach themselves to the vinyl. Deionized water reduces the level of trace minerals in the reacted water, greatly reducing the amount of mineral contaminates on the record itself. 
Mobile Fidelity Rice LP Inner Record Sleeves (50 Pack):
These are the same high-quality inner sleeves used by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab for their vinyl releases. They are imported, three-ply, anti-static, premium sleeves (similar to rice paper) and work with both LPs and laser discs. Back construction consists of a paper layer sandwiched between two sheets of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with a translucent HDPE front. This equals or surpasses the discontinued VRP inner sleeves. 
Mobile Fidelity Record Brush: 
Here's an inexpensive tool for keeping all of your irreplaceable records clean and cared for! Mobile Fidelity is very proud to offer the latest in essential record care products: The Mobile Fidelity LP Record Brush! Easy to use, easy to clean; this record brush is guaranteed to keep all of your LPs clean and quiet! It gets really deep into the grooves and helps scrub all that nasty, noisy dirt out. The key to its great vinyl cleaning is found in Mobile Fidelity’s proprietary cleaning pad and ergonomic brush handle. It’s been designed for multi-purpose use: it can be used as a wet-cleaning brush (we recommend using it as part of your intensive record cleaning machine workout) or as simply the best dry record brush ever designed. One cleaning pad will clean hundreds of your favorite LP's.

Record-cleaning fluids are another natural for Mobile Fidelity, and another market segment where the company's name is a benefit. Vinylphiles choose record cleaning fluids as carefully as enophiles choose cabernets. For me, a good record-cleaning fluid must spread evenly (not all of them do) and be easily removed, along with all of the dust and other noise-creating crud. If, as some claim, a fluid enhances midrange presence or increases bass weight, that's a sign of something being left on the record, which is not the point. I just want a clean record, and that means removing dirt and grunge along with the fluid.


Our all-time, best-selling record cleaning fluid is better than ever. It’s been improved to be more powerful, but still perfectly safe for all record surfaces.
Completely alcohol free, Mobile Fidelity Super Record Wash incorporates non-toxic, natural degreasers and dirt solvents in combination with quadruple-distilled, hyper-pure water base. 
MoFi Super Record Wash will keep your records sounding quiet and looking great!
This is the best one-step record cleaning fluid for use with any RCM  or any hand cleaning system.
Ideal with the Mofi MFSL Record Brush


These custom-designed inner sleeves protect against scratching, static build-up
and contamination; all common problems associated with regular sleeves of all types.
Your records are irreplaceable. These sleeves will guarantee they last a lifetime.
Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice Award 2009 2010 2011 &  2012
Mobile Fidelity Inner Sleeves Have Been the Industry Standard for Over 30 Years!
The BEST Protection for your Irreplaceable Vinyl

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