Ozric Tentacles - Paper Monkeys - 180g 2LP

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Ozric Tentacles - Paper Monkeys - 180g 2LP
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One of the most influential bands to emerge from the UKs festival scene, the Ozrics layer ambient and ethereal landscapes with freeform dub trips, incredible rave grooves and psychedelic progressive rock. Its an open exploration of music and the soul.

For over 25 years, the Ozrics have experienced the vicissitudes of the rock and roll life. The band has flourished through a number of line-up changes, spawned several side projects (including Eat Static and Nodens Ictus), created their own record label (Dovetail & Stretchy), put out close to 25 albums, scored a hit record and sold over a million albums world-wide. And yet, the basic motivation behind the bands existence has never wavered.

Their signature blend of hippy aesthetics and raver electronics with spiraling guitars, textured waves of keyboard and midi samplers, and supergroovy bass and drum rhythms continues to delight fans across the world 

Tangerine Dream have never been far from Ozric Tentacles' founder and only remaining original member Ed Wynne's influences, but on this 2011 release he all but re-creates that band's classic early-'70s vibe. Wynne and son Silas bring the bubbling synths, and even though wife Brandi is credited with bass and drummer Oli with percussion, the metronomic pulse of those instruments could easily be programmed on this hourlong exploration of space/prog rock. At this late stage, with nearly two dozen albums to their unusual name, you are either on board the Ozrics' spaceship of rhythmic, spacy electronica mixed with subtle worldbeat and psychedelic ramblings or you have decided to pass on this veteran U.K. outfit's trippy, eclectic mélange.

For fans, this is another quality hour of instrumental music that doesn't push many envelopes of the Ozrics' established sound. Perhaps a few Tangerine Dream devotees can comfortably join the cult of Ozric lovers, but for the most part, Wynne and his three-piece play to their strengths without substantial deviation in direction or execution. Depending on your level of fandom, that either makes for a terrific, if perhaps not essential, set of music in the band's expansive catalog, or another disc that plays out pretty much like the batch that preceded it. The tracks hover around the seven-minute mark, with "The Will of the Wisps" clocking in at nearly 11 minutes. That's long enough to set a mood and ride a groove without wearing out the welcome. If you are unfamiliar with Ozric Tentacles, this is a perfect example of everything the band does well, a reasonable enough place to start your collection to get caught up in their mind-expanding groove. Wynne is a singular, perhaps unfairly under-recognized figure in British space rock, and although Ozric Tentacles may not be a household name, that hasn't stopped him from continuing the distinctive approach he originally concocted in 1983, and has since perfected on albums such as Paper Monkeys.

01. Attack Of The Vapours (5:22)
02. Lemon Kush (6:15)
03. Flying Machines (6:26)
04. Knurl (6:08)
05. Lost In The Sky (7:20)
06. Paper Monkeys (7:17)
07. Plowm (7:52)
08. Will Of The Wisps 10:42)
09. Air City (3:53)


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