Pro-Ject Cover-IT E Turntable Acrylic Dustcover ( 470 x 330 x 100 mm )

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Pro-Ject Cover-IT E Turntable Acrylic Dustcover ( 470 x 330 x 100 mm )
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This is a special version of the Pro-Ject Cover-It range designed to cater specifically for Elemental & Elemental Phoho USB Turntables - will suit other open plinth designs 

 This dust cover is designed to fit snuggly over your record player, protecting it from dust and other external risks when not in use.

Also Dimensions to Suit a Wide Range Of Open Turntables Supplied Without Dust Covers

This Dustcover will protect your cherished  turntable from dirt and dust., Children & Animals & Protect your Investment

No more broken Cantilevers or Damaged Stylus from prying hands or paws !
Dust is collecting on your Turntable  all the time while dust is the vinyl player's biggest enemy. It sounds horrible and damages your records while playing.
 Brushing your records before playing is one step, keeping your player free from dust the next!  
Width - 471mm   Height - 103mm    Depth -  331mm   ( External )
Width - 465mm   Height - 100mm    Depth -  325mm   ( Internal )
Weight - 0.6kg
Thickness 3mm
There isn’t anything digital that sounds close to the Elemental at its price point. Not only that, it delivers the fundamental characteristics of vinyl playback at a previously unheard-of price. There’s no easier, more affordable first step into the format than this  Simply put, the Elemental has set a new benchmark for budget turntables. Pro-Ject has delivered a musically satisfying performance with a budget turntable that anybody can afford. While some may lament the fact they can’t fiddle around with its cartridge/tonearm setup, consider the fact that the Elemental is not made with you in mind. It’s for the music aficionado and vinyl newbie who wants to hear records, but can’t be expected to know (or learn) how to set-up a turntable. - Audiofi Review

For those who want to take their first tentative steps into the format, or if you have records lying in storage that you want to give a second life to, there’s no cheaper or easier solution than this. Buy with confidence.

Project Elemental  Turntable & Isolation Base Shown NOT Included - Cover Only




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