Tangerine Dream - Thief Soundtrack : OST - 180g LP

Tangerine Dream - Thief Soundtrack : OST - 180g LP

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Tangerine Dream - Thief Soundtrack : OST - 180g LP
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Audio Fidelity - AFZLP221  - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl - 780014222116   

Mastered by Steve Hoffmann - Pressed at RTI - Limited Edition

Tangerine Dream is among the most successful electronic groups of all time. The band was chosen by Michael Mann to write and produce the original score for Thief, his 1981 directorial debut.
Tangerine Dream added their patented pulses, blips and whooshes to the film's highly stylized visual scenes. Up to this time, no one had ever used a sequencer for a neo-noir film... this score is one of the most unusual of its kind for American cinema.
Rather than a full orchestral score, Tangerine Dream's techno-based score uses synthesizer, percussion and electric guitar making for a fascinating and exciting soundtrack. Tracks like "Dr. Destructo" have a fast-paced percussion tempo. An engaging melody on "Beach Theme" makes it one of the album's most familiar and popular tracks, while "Trap Feeling" has a delicacy that compares favorably to Brian Eno's Music for Films.
The soundtrack and the movie are inseparable. The music and movie have grown beyond cult classic status becoming an important part of the collection works of Tangerine Dream and Mann.
Side 1
1. Beach Theme
2. Dr. Destructo
3. Diamond Diary
4. Burning Bar
Side 2
5. Scrap Yard
6. Trap Feeling
7. Igneous
8. Confrontation
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