Tacet Vinyl Check Test Record ( Test LP ) - 180g LP

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Tacet Vinyl Check Test Record ( Test LP ) - 180g LP
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Tacet - L210 - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl -  Test LP

Pressed  at Pallas Germany - Cut on Neumann VMS80 Cutting Lathe

Disc Cutting by Daniel Kareiger at SST Germany 

Best  Sound from your Turntable & Records

I really love how they approach it and it works both simple and complex enough to attract all vinyl lovers. Highly recommended. Mono & Stereo

This record creates new possibilities of inspecting and adjusting record players. Most tests (except for frequency response) can also be carried out without measuring instruments, just by listening, and are therefore particularly well-suited for the ambitious music listener who wants to know how well his system deals with de- manding signals under realistic conditions, and whether there is a need for repairs or improvements.

New Tacet 180 gram Vinyl Check just arrived. With signals and recordings to test and adjust turntable replay and offers a tracking ability, wow and flutter, phase, crosstalk, tracking angle error check up etc.

Mono & Stereo Review

I tried it last night and went throughout both sides. few adjustments and check ups.

This is quite an elaborated take on the turntable setup. Now, you can go through it without the dedicated tools, but I'm strongly recommending the the additional software/hardware for fine precise settings. One for sure is Dr. Fieckert iPhone app. Tacet nicely included 3150 hz tone, that feeds the Fieckert and gives you a clear indication of correct speed. The other highlight is for sure the the Skating adjustment. The "old" rule of dropping the needle on the clear vinyl and make it stand still doesn't bring the exact perfect adjustment. It fails. With the part 6 on the side A you needle must hold on to the end of the track and when sound anomaly came in audible it have to be be distributed equally over the both channels. This works to a great extend.

Another thing worthy of taking special mentioning is the frequency "walk" across the whole spectrum. For this a dedicated software/hardware is needed to do the exact readings of dedicated tones. It starts down below 20 Hz and climbs up slowly with selected frequencies. Digital or analog dedicated device will help you read out and established the correct Hz of a tone.

This vinyl can be seen as a tool for both novice and experience vinyl user. With some dedication, you'll be ready to put under the scope your turntable replay system and establish either it works as supposed to and where are the flaws. I really love how they approach it and it works both simple and complex enough to attract all vinyl lovers. Highly recommended. Mono & Stereo

Thanks to Albrecht Krieger for his ideas and advice
Cut on Neumann cutting lathe VMS 80
Disc Cutting daniel kreiger SST Gmbh
Produced by andreas spreer
New signals and recordings to test and adjust vinyl equipment
Part 1: Tracking Ability
Part 2: Wow & Flutter 
Part 3: Phase
Part 4: Crosstalk
Part 5: Tracking Angle Error 
Part 6: Anti-Skating
Part 7: Tonearm Resonance
Part 8: Strident sibilants and Fricatives
Part 9 : Freuency Response
Part 10: Dynamics
Part 11: sibilance, fricatives repetition 
Tacet - Vinyl Check - Test Record LP - 180g LP
60 Years Pallas
Audiophile Vinyl - Made in Germany  For over 60 years the family business in the third generation of the special personal service and quality "Made by Pallas" is known worldwide. Our custom PVC formulation produces consistently high pressing quality with the lowest surface noise in the industry. Our PVC complies with 2015 European environmental standards and does not contain toxic materials such as Lead, Cadmium or Toluene. Our vinyl is both audiophile and eco-grade! 

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