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Pro-Ject X1 Turntable - Pick it S2 MM

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Out of the box and quickly set up the  Pro-Ject X1 may be the final turntable a vinyl enthusiast who’s not sound obsessed might need.this $899 turntable did not embarrass itself in a system costing as much as a house. Michael Fremer analogplanet.com

The Pro-Ject name is synonymous with value-for-money turntables built in Europe. Since 1991 the company has arguably been leading the vinyl revival, and the X1 is its latest reinvention of the classic Pro-Ject 1 deck that started it all. Look beyond the gloss finish, using eight layers of paint and several rounds of hand-polishing – yes, on an affordable turntable – and you’ll find just about every aspect of the design has been improved, from the MDF plinth to the platter, the motor suspension and speed control, and the carbon/aluminium sandwich tonearm. Even the pre-fitted cartridge is new, being made by Ortofon and tuned by Pro-Ject. This is surely the best sub-€1000 turntable package on the market.

The Pro-Ject X1 may be a long way from being the best turntable money can buy, but it's pretty much there in terms of being the best value. Highly capable at the price, it gives its rivals a seriously hard time and for the true turntable enthusiast there's plenty of tweaking potential on offer too
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Speed control with electronic speed switch for ultimate speed stability
Carefully isolated motor for less vibration and noise
Sub-platter with extremely low 0.001mm bearing tolerances
Stainless steel platter-bearing with soft brass bushing and teflon mirrors for lowest rumble and noise, and a stable, accurate speed transmission
Resonance free, 1.5 kg heavy acryl platter
8,6” carbon/alu sandwich tonearm with best internal damping and TPE damped counterweight
Kardan ultra-low friction 4 pin point precision tonearm bearing
Ortofon Pick it S2 MM cartridge newly developed with Ortofon for highly dynamic and full sound
Massive and heavy, precision CNC‘d MDF chassis
Luxury 8 layers of painting and hand-polished finish or real-wood, satin-waxed veneer
Super shielded, semi-symmetrical, low-capacitance phono cables – purpose designed by Pro-Ject
Height adjustable, aluminium feet for massively reduced risk of acoustical feedback
Handmade in Europe
Real High-End Features – True Audiophile Sound – Affordable Price

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