12" LP HDPE Cream Inner Sleeve Polylined Anti-Static ( Square Corner )

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12 Inch LP   HDPE Anti-Static Inner Sleeves Cream White Unbleached Paper

Acid Free & Suitable for Long Term Archival Storage

Gremium Made PremiumHeavy Acid Free Paper

with Square Corners with Full Record Protection  

German Made Premium 12“ Record Inner Sleeve (LP) made of Rotem Premium Paper with angled corner cut

The Cream White  colouration is the result of using unbleached, particularly long-fibre pulp produced exclusively through sustainable cultivation in Finland and Sweden. It is therefore even suitable for the packaging of foods and ideal for protecting vinyl records. The paper is ash- and acid-free, contains no recycled content and develops virtually no dust even when frequently inserting and removing the record into and from the LP cover

Long-Term Archival safe protection for all of you records - Acid Free , HDPE ( Rice Paper ) Lined , Anti-Static Inner Sleeves

must-have for the vinyl addict.
It is nevertheless a safe bet that  99%+ % of Audiophiles & Record Collectors would agree that LPs shouldn't be stored in plain paper sleeves.   Cheap, non-acid-free paper sleeves degrade with time. Paper is derived from the cell wall of plants; lignin, one of the chemicals contained in the cell walls, is unstable and light sensitive and decomposes into acidic products. While bleaching removes the lignin, the paper making process produces other detrimental byproducts such as hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid.
Producing true, acid-free paper (pH >6) requires buffering with neutralizing chemicals. Paper sleeves are also hygroscopic (water absorbing) and as a consequence facilitate the growth of mold or fungus on the LP.  The rationale for storing and preserving vinyl records in high quality, chemically inert, inner sleeves includes:Neutralizing the record's static charge and preventing static buildup when pulling the LP out of the record sleeve Preventing the record jacket or dirt from scratching the record




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