Pioneer SC-LX901 11.2 Channel AV Amplifier

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Pioneer SC-LX901 11.2 Channel AV Amplifier
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After an extended audition, I can honestly say that the Pioneer Elite SC-LX901 receiver is the best-sounding receiver from Pioneer I've ever heard, and it definitely deserves the designation of flagship. It delivers the power, features, and finesse to elevate the user experience with music and movie soundtracks to a truly emotional one 5/5 Home Theatre

11.2 channels or 9.2.2/7.2.4 Atmos channels for reference quality surround sound
When it comes to speaker configurations the SLCX901 offers unrivalled flexibility in Pioneer's range - and most others, too. For the ultimate, reference Dolby Atmos system, the flagship Pioneer lets you configure four ceiling or Atmos-enabled speakers as well as full 7-channel surround sound. Alternatively, use two Atmos speakers and enjoy a broad soundstage with 'front wide speakers' forming a 9.2.2 system. If you don't fancy a Dolby Atmos specific system but want the most immersive sound possible, go for an 11.2 configuration. This offers 7.2 sound with the addition of front width and front height speakers.

Air Studios Monitor Certification
The circuit design features short signal paths and quality components for the most accurate and detailed sound quality. With all this attention to detail, it's little wonder that the SCLX901 has AIR Studios Monitor Certification. AIR Studios is a recording studio based in London, set up by Sir George Martin, which sets the highest standards for professional audio. Simply put, to win approval, audio standards have to be amongst the very best.

200 watts of monster power
Offering up a mighty 200 watts of pure power, the Pioneer SCLX901 effortlessly creates the sound of cinema. For enhanced efficiency, the SC-LX901 uses Pioneer's Class D Direct Energy HD amp. Pioneer's Class D amps also use short, direct signal paths. By eliminating filters, feedback loops and current limiters the sound quality is both purer and more dynamic.

Legendary Pioneer SCLX build quality
Fastidious attention to detail shown in the Pioneer's construction gives it first-rate sound quality. Featuring an Anti-Standing Wave Insulator and Rigid Trans-Stabiliser, the heavyweight casing isolates the sensitive electronics from mechanical and electrical interference. This gives a purity of sound that only the finest AV receivers can match.

Digital precison from the ESS SABRE 32 Ultra DAC
Featuring a top quality ESS SABRE 32 Ultra DAC, the Pioneer SC-LX801 delivers studio quality digital audio. With a high signal-to-noise ratio and wide dynamic range, digital audio benefits from ultra-low levels of noise and deep, powerful dynamics. Whether watching a Blu-ray film or listening to streamed music, the benefit to all digital audio is breathtaking to hear.

Reflex Optimizer
Dolby Atmos and DTS:X sound great but, with upward firing speakers, there can be phasing issues that make the sound disjointed. Pioneer's new Reflex Optimizer solves this problem by aligning the phase of direct and indirect firing speakers, matching their basic tone and optimizing the upward-oriented frequencies. The sound loses none of its 3D dimensionality but now sounds more precise and realistic than ever.

Ready for DTS:X
DTS:X is the flagship processor from this highly respected tech company. It literally pushes the boundaries of what you can expect from home cinema. This highly sophisticated processor renders images in three dimensions that conventional processing can't match. It also offers other advantages such as the ability to boost the spatial effect of conventional DTS and easily adapts with your existing speaker configuration.

Dolby Atmos
Optimised for Dolby Atmos, you can be amongst the first to experience the wonder of Dolby Atmos in your own home. Producing a multi-dimensional and totally immersive sound, Dolby Atmos has been hailed as the greatest advance in surround sound for 20 years - so don't miss out!

Google Cast for seamless streaming
The SC-LX901 comes with Google Cast compatibility. Using the same technology behind Google's Chromecast, you can use your mobile device to cast your favourite music, radio, or podcasts to your speakers. You can control the audio from anywhere in your home using Cast-enabled apps running on your personal device, be it iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Mac or Windows laptop, or Chromebook.

New FireConnect (coming soon!)
Another exciting new feature for the SCLX901 is support for FireConnect, Powered by Blackfire. This cutting-edge wireless technology gives multi-source, multi-room interaction between compatible devices, making it simple to set up a wireless multi-room system that also streams HD audio and will include video in the future. With our homes becoming ever 'smarter' this is the technology to integrate it all together.

UltraHD, 4K upscaling and HDR support
Helping to make the SCLX901 compatible with the very latest tech, Pioneer have sought to meet the highest specifications possible. Not only is it compatible with 4K TV but also the enhanced HDR (High Dynamic Range) tech. Support for HDCP2.2 means you can use it with the latest UHD Blu-ray players, giving stunning levels of picture clarity. 'Super Resolution' 4K upscaling lets you upscale standard Blu-rays to a resolution that makes the most of your 4K TV, for even crisper detail.

Wi-Fi with Spotify and AirPlay
Connect via Ethernet or wi-fi to your home network and gain access to a whole new world of entertainment. From here you'll be able to access a massive range of Internet radio stations plus music services such as the hugely popular Spotify (requires Premium account for full features) and Deezer. There's also AirPlay, making it easier than ever to stream from your Apple iOS devices, too.

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