5.1 Home Cinema System - Elipson Planet M + Pioneer VSX-S520

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5.1 Home Cinema System - Elipson Planet M + Pioneer VSX-S520
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home-theater Package Pioneer VSX-S520 + Elipson Planet 5.1 M comprises 5.1 AV  amplifier VSX-S520 &  speakers pack Elipson Planet 5.1 M consists of five speakers Elipson Planet M and subwoofer Elipson Planet Sub .

The Pioneer VSX-S520 Home Theater Amplifier is a 5.1 slim model capable of delivering 80 W per channel. It supports UHD-4K and HDR , has wireless WiFi connectivity and phono input, is multi-room FireConnect compatible  and can stream music from Deezer , Spotify online services or Tidal . The Pioneer VCX-S520 amplifierbenefits from Pioneer's MCACC autocalibration technology that automatically adjusts the sound level of speakers according to their location in the listening room. Calibration is easy thanks to a microphone delivered with the amplifier. Once the procedure is started, the microphone measures the sound output from the speakers and then adjusts the settings to provide an optimized sound to the space in which the speakers are.

The Pioneer VCX-S520 amplifier is here combined with the Elipson Planet M speakers , spherical models that use a 10 cm diameter loudspeaker in a closed load. The spherical charge has the indisputable advantage of eliminating the resonances of the body and allowing the loudspeaker to express itself in the best conditions. The coaxial structure of the latter promotes a particularly precise sound stage while being enveloping. The fabric dome tweeter is very soft and provides the necessary lighting for a beautiful depth, without ever being invasive. The stamps offered by Elipson Planet M are neutral and silky.

The Elipson Planet M home cinema speaker pack is complemented here by the Elipson Planet Sub subwoofer, which is responsible for reproducing the lowest octaves. The Elipson Planet Sub subwoofer is equipped with a 20 cm speaker loaded with bass reflex. This is particularly effective in the bass to support the Elipson Planet M satellite speakers . The Elipson Planet Sub subwoofer responds in frequency up to 30 Hz brilliantly to be as good in home cinema as in Hi-Fi. Its active amplifier in class D delivers moreover up to 200 Watts! Its cylindrical design gives the Elipson Planet Suba very design look while promoting a very fluid internal air circulation. Since the speaker is positioned towards the ground, this subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the listening room.

Compact, elegant and powerful, the Pioneer VSX-S520 / Elipson Planet M 5.1 home theater system is a particularly relevant choice for a home cinema 5.1 system that is as visually appealing as it is acoustically efficient.

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5.1 Dolby Home Cinema System - Pioneer VSX-S520 + Elipson Planet M + Pioneer VSX-S520
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