Epson EH-LS100 Projector Full HD Ultra-Short-Throw

Epson EH-LS100 Projector Full HD Ultra-Short-Throw

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Epson EH-LS100 Projector Full HD Ultra-Short-Throw
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Enjoy  Movies , Games , Sports &  TV in style 

If you're designing a media room, or looking for an unobtrusive large screen display in a large open space, then the EH-LS100 is a great choice. Sure, you can get 4K projectors these days for less than the cost of the EH-LS100, but it offers something...Epson's bright, colour-rich UST laser projector is just the ticket if you want mega images with minimal home cinema faff - Homeciemachoice

Excellent Full HD images from a projector sitting just inches from the screen Tested at £2700 What Hifi

The Epson EH-LS100 is an ultra short throw laser LCD projector, which basically means it uses a laser light source rather than a bulb and can produce a large image whilst being positioned very close to the wall or screen on to which it's projecting. It's also only £2,700 which is a previously unheard of price point for this kind of projector. All of which makes it an interesting product for anyone looking for a big screen image at a price that won't break the bank.7Unrivalled flexibility

With a TV, there’s no getting away from the big, black screen, but a projected display can disappear at the touch of a button. So, forget unsightly screens: choose the EH-LS100 to maintain the look of your home while still enjoying all of your favourite shows. With a flexible display that can range from 70 to 130 inches, you can enjoy everything from movies to sports and games, at a size that works for you.

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Stress-free set up

Unlike standard throw projectors, this ultra-short-throw laser projector can be placed very close to the display area (just 5.6cm), to create an image of up to 130 inches. Connect DVD players, games consoles and more, using the three HDMI inputs (including one MHL). With the iProjection app, it's effortless to control the projector.

Watch your favourite content for the next 10 years

Sit back and enjoy movies, games and shows for the next 10 years thanks to this projector's long-lasting laser light source. For peace of mind, this projector comes with a five year warranty.

Superior picture quality

With 3LCD technology, you can enjoy vivid and lifelike images using this 4,000 lumens projector that has an equally high White and Colour Light Output (CLO). It's three times brighter than 1-chip DLP projectors, and delivers defined shadow detail and deep blacks with its 2,500,000:1 contrast ratio. In addition, Detail Enhancement provides sharper and smoother pictures.

Key Features

Ultra-short-throw laser projector: Situated near to the display area and projects up to 130 inches (330cm)
Enjoy the big screen experience: Supersize your favourite films, games and sporting events at home
Easy to access content: Three HDMI inputs for DVD players, games consoles and more
Bright colours: Equally high White and Colour Light Output
Long-life laser light source: Watch your favourite content for the next 10 years

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