Torqueo Zebrano Exclusive Idler Turntable

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Torqueo Zebrano Exclusive Idler Turntable
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Torqueo Audio approaches bespoke design with the finesse and craftsmanship of the finest watchmaker.   Their turntables are like no other with precision craftsmanship and using the finest materials available.  Each piece is a work of art and built to reproduce every last detail of the recording to satisfy your eyes and ears.

Built by hand to order. Bespoke Idler Turntables

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The philosophy of Torqueo Audio is to consider the record player a musical instrument, therefore, our principle is simple: “Harmonise material and technique” In fact, the mix of materials and architecture, combined with technical criteria, creates the desired sound result. Our aim is to gives the listener the emotional content of music, rejecting the current Hi-End trends that mortify the musicality of the sound message. It will never be the right sound if you first used to hear good live music. But it’s only few people who have this opportunity . Often you accept the convenience of digital instead of looking for the quality of the original recording. When we make a turntable, we want it sounds in an extraordinary way. This is not about an insane passion for the ‘hi-fi: it’s about getting closer to what musicians express during the recordings.

 Mechanics: the design of the mechanisms is the result of a 3-year study and scrupulous tests. All the mechanical and structural parts are fruit of CAD design and realised in Bronze (Gunmetal),  AISI 316 non-magnetic stainless steel, brass for musical instruments CuZn19Sn, top quality aluminium alloy (ergal), processed with CNC machines and very low tolerance laser.

The precise calibration of all the components allows obtaining very high movement precision and absolute noiselessness.
The mechanical rotation system is the heart of each turntable.
Listen to music from a vinyl record that runs on an ordinary mechanical, or listen this to adisc rotating on a strictly mechanical components made without compromise and with high precision motors, are without any doubts two different experiences.
We need an extraordinary mechanical to return to extraordinary performance of excellent musicians.

 NOS Motors: all the motors are subject to accurate inspection and cleaning, with complete disassembling of each single mechanical and electric part and replacement of worn or dead parts if necessary.
New production motors: We use rotating stator oversized synchronous motors (external), therefore of very high precision and stability, additionally improved with ultra-silent bearings with polyamide cages.

The motor/condenser coupling is carried out using the stethoscope, in fact, the phase shifter capacitor must be absolutely precise, and therefore, many must be tested until the complete absence of noise and vibrations is achieved.

Plinth: maximum importance is given to the structural aspects of our plinths.
The aim is to model the resonance with the suppression of undesired vibrations without altering or mortifying the harmonic richness of analogue reproduction, getting a more organic and realistic sound.
This occurs by using various types of very hard natural (Ipè Lapacho/Ironwood) and composite wood (Finlandian Plywood) combined with metal parts and viscoelastic materials of different hardness.

Each piece is handcrafted by experienced master carpenters, using top cabinet-making techniques.
In the models with natural wood, the lute manufacturing finishing techniques are used.
Apart from the technical/musical and aesthetic aspects, our plinths are built to remain stable over the years.

Universal mounting system for arms: our system allows to get a fine adjustment of kinematics (arm-mechanical coupling). The solid anchor with anti-resonant system is made through the combined use of various metals: bronze, steel, brass, CNC, in according to Mr. Ikeda’s philosophy.

Oscar and Davide Di Tillio design and build their beautiful  turntables in Pescara, Italy. Artisanal approach to creating a modern turntable on the idler-drive principle featuring noble materials, CAD design with precision tolerances, and traditional cabinetry methods. All tables are built around the same motor/drive design save the B-12GH Exclusive which adds 78 rpm and a slightly different control linkage. Tables are made in a full size plinth design with integrated tonearm base and some models can be ordered as a compact plinth (designated ‘C’) that is designed to use the outboard Pilastro tonearm base(s).

Motor Unit , PSU , Cu 2900 Copper Mat Supllied

Tonearm & Cartridge Shown are NOT Included

Wide Selection of Tonearms & Cartridges can be supplied/Fitted


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