Brian Flanagan - Where Dreams Are Made - 180g LP

Brian Flanagan - Where Dreams Are Made - 180g LP

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Brian Flanagan - Where Dreams Are Made - 180g LP
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These are records like this, for which Stockfish is well known and quite rightly popular. Since time immemorial, the German label has dedicated itself to the fine, folky sounds of good singer-songwriters. Often it's not the big names you find in the stockfish repertoire, but you can be sure who appears here, it's always worth listening to.
That definitely also applies to Brian Flanagan. The Irish songwriter is so far more of an insider tip. Although he calls one or the other top placement on iTunes his own, but usually only as a composer for other musicians (not least for Eric Bibb!). Under his own name, Flanagan has released only singles, "Where Dreams Are Made" is his first album. And what a thing!

Of course, one could say that all Irishmen had absorbed the gift of music with breast milk, but that is especially true of Mr Flanagan. "His flair for structures and inward rhymes is vastly superior to most of his contemporaries," the Irish Times wrote about him, and we can only agree. The naturalness and naturalness with which his texts, phrases, melodies and phrases, such as puzzle pieces, come together to create splendid, voluptuous images, as if they had been traditional folklore for centuries, make one wonder and smile.
His songs are often impressionist sketches of situations that any listener can dangle inside: a man sitting in his kitchen, thinking about how much life is ahead of him at the sound of a dripping tap. Or he hears of the death of a fatherly friend, and remembers all the beautiful evenings he has spent in his pub. Or he thinks about a little girl who is pursuing his dream of ballet dancing. Or, or, or Flanagan's poetic world is densely populated with loveable characters and moods, and she sounds with simple musical means that shed all the lyrical charm of Ireland. Flanagan's warm tenor, his shimmering acoustic guitar, occasionally swirls of Irish whistle, bagpipe or harmonium,
A wonderfully warm and transparent sounding record with discreet but enormously effective arrangements and earwigs en masse! When Flanagan quietly says goodbye to "Fly Goodbye" at the end of page two, you want to hear this album a second time, because you can not hear enough of this musical picture arc. Strong slice! 

1 Flowers On The Window 

2 The Gift 
3 The Painter 
4 Whole Lot of Livin ' 
5 The Question 
6 Where Is The Love 
7 Home 
8 Logan Low 
9 Where Dreams Are Made 
10 To Love 
11 Fly Goodbye

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