Tonar No Rumble Isolation Pads ( Set of 8 )

Tonar No Rumble Isolation Pads ( Set of 8 )

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Tonar No Rumble Isolation Pads ( Set of 8 )
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Tonar No Rumble Isolation Pads (Set of 8)
3/8" tall and 2" wide. 10x53mm One side is rubber and the other side is peel and stick adhesive for securing onto your equipment. For turntables, speakers, and any other delicate equipment.
Great for reducing rumble and vibration at the source before it passes through your system.

 as the name suggest to minimize the effects of the "rumble" in turntables and are extremely effective. The particular structure reduces the contact surface and decouples the table from the supporting surface. Of course it can be used to ven for other devices. We have obtained excellent results with pre phono preamps and line mainly tubes.

IMPORTANT For best results absolutely device coupled with double-sided adhesive of which are equipped.

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