Tonar Turntable Record Clamp Black/Nickel

Tonar Turntable Record Clamp Black/Nickel

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Tonar Turntable Record Clamp Black/Nickel
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The sound performance of a vinyl playback system can be significantly improved when all unwanted resonances between the record and the platter can be reduced during playback. Enter record clamps ; simple devices which are designed solely to ensure the record and platter surfaces are held together tightly. & also useful for Warped Records
• Sound improvement for  turntables  
• Reduces unwanted resonances while playback  
• Fast and easy mounting  
• Ideal for Warped Records  
A good quality record clamp will not only flatten out warps but also couple the LP tightly to the platter so that internal resonances can be drained away from the stylus - as if the LP is of effectively a much higher thickness and rigidity.


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