Vinyl & Steaming Stereo System ProJect T1 Phono SB + S2 + Hedd 05

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Vinyl & Steaming Stereo System ProJect T1 Phono SB + S2 + Hedd 05
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Pro-Ject Best of both Worlds Vinyl & Streaming Audiophile Micro System 

Pro-Ject Audio Systems, is a good example of how one can put together a hi-fi chain with the help of the Pro-Ject Box Design Series. It combines the reproduction of vinyl records with all the possibilities of modern streaming solutions and consists of only three components.

In addition to the Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB record player and the Pro-Ject Stream Box S2, it includes the Pro-Ject Pre Box & Hedd Type 05 100wpc Active Speakers

Vinyl & Streaming Stereo System Project Phono SB + S2

The project is a brilliant Turntable considering its price tage - Hifi Pig

If you've used your laptop as a source for USB audio in your system, try the Stream Box S2 Ultra. You will be surprised! HIFImedia

Hedd The workmanship and manufacturing quality is simply perfect and the speaker can be recommended without reservation Music

Hedd Type 05 Active Speakers 50wpc ( Pair )

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