Vinyl & Streaming Stereo System Project Primary E Turntable + Klipsch R-41PM Speakers

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A High Performance, No Noise, Low Fluff, Plug And Play Box Of Rock. EXPERIENCE TRUE HIGH FIDELITY SOUND No receiver required! Just add vinyl. The R-41PM powered monitors with built-in phono pre-amp are the perfect companion to the  Pro-Ject Primary turntable to produce room-filling sound without the bother of setting up tons of equipment.

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Sharp and detailed sound comes through thanks to a true two-way speaker with Klipsch’s legendary 90x90 Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) Tractrix horn, rigid Injection Molded Graphite (IMG) woofer, and tuned rear-firing bass port. All this horn-loaded nectar is powered by Klipsch-customized and fully integrated high resolution amplifier, offering every connection you could possibly need. A subwoofer can be easily added. Includes remote.

Pro-Ject’s Primary E turntable is hand-crafted to extract even the tiniest detail from the grooves of your favorite vinyl records. Featuring a low vibration synchronous AC motor, a perfectly-matched 8.6” aluminum tone-arm, and an audiophile-grade, low-distortion Ortofon OM 5e magnetic cartridge, the Pro-Ject Primary and R-41PM powered monitors are a perfect match.

No pre-amp required, no receiver needed, and no need to fuss with counterweights or skating adjustments. Simple locate a wall outlet, setup the turntable and speakers, plug them in, and flip the switch.

The Klipsch is a breeze to set up, and its abundant feature set is buoyed by feisty, solid performance. The phono input will be of interest to fans of vinyl new and old. The speakers are solidly built and attractive.The Bottom Line The Klipschis a likeable powered speaker offering convenience, lively sound and an abundance of features Cnet

Pro-Ject Primary is an entry-level solution more compelling than any other sub-£200 alternative we’ve heard.If you’re looking for a way ‘in’ to the record revival, the Primary is an excellent introduction. 5 Stars

The Primary picks up a 'Highly recommended' rating... HIFI Pig

Speakers in Black - Turntable in Black , Red or White select @ CheckoutKlipsch R-15PM Active Speakers & Pro-Ject Primary Turntable Hifi System


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