Blade Runner - Vangelis : OST - 180g LP

Blade Runner - Vangelis : OST - 180g LP

Product no.: AFZLP154

Blade Runner - Vangelis : OST - 180g LP
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Audio Fidelity - AFZLP154  - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl 

Mastered by Kevin Gray  - Red Vinyl Limited Edition - Pressed at QRP 

Michael Fremer Rated 8/10 Music, 9/10 Sonics on Analogplanet 

Winner of a Gruvy Award, chosen by AnalogPlanet's editor, Michael Fremer, for vinyl records that are musically and sonically outstanding and are also well mastered and pressed.

"Audio Fidelity has hit the ball out of the park with this vinyl release of the original Vangelis soundtrack... When the stylus finally hit the groove for the first time, I heard dead quiet and then the slow, deep, ethereal synthesized drone setting the stage for Harrison Ford’s voice. From that point on I knew I was in for a ride into the magical world of Vangelis’s soundscapes, the music ebbing and flowing in and around the various melodies etched into my memories of the movie itself... The soundstage was deep and suspended behind the speakers... Where this recording excels is in the bass, which was awesome in its impact and truly subterranean in spots... The mids were spot on, with beautiful rendering of the voices and saxophone... The treble was airy and fast, just what‘s needed for music with a lot of percussion effects. Check out the cymbal crash on side one. It had impact and sounded like hammered brass as it shimmered in its own cushion of air." - Guy Lemcoe, The Audio Beat, 4.5 out of 5 Music, 4.5 out of 5 Sound 

"Vangelis's synthesizer soundtrack moves appropriately from bombast to heartbreak, while mostly remaining cool (if not icy) and detached... [O]verall this soundtrack's creativity and innovation hold up remarkably well 30+ years later... Side two combines moody atmospherics, synth bombast and synth bass that will shake your room if your system goes very low.

Dynamics are wide, soundstages, expansive and deep... [T]his is a sonic spectacular. For fans of the movie, this kind of soundtrack listened to in the dark can effectively conjure up movie scenes and produce other-worldly 'theater of the mind' images. For everyone else, it's just a more abstract kind of emotional evocation." - Michael Fremer,, 8/10 Music, 9/10 Sonics


1. Main Titles (3:42)

2. Blush Response (5:47)

3. Wait for Me (5:27)

4. Rachel's Song (4:46)

5. Love Theme (4:56)

6. One More Kiss, Dear (3:58)


1. Blade Runner Blues (8:53)

2. Memories of Green (5:05)

3. Tales of the Future (4:46)

4. Damask Rose (2:32)

5. Blade Runner (End Titles) (4:40)

6. Tears in Rain (3:00)

Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio


You've never heard your favorite music sound this good!  
The clarity is truly exceptional.

Engineers Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray use their 30 years of expertise to create the best sounding versions of the music ever released.

Our Vinyl series of 180g Virgin Vinyl 12” LPs features some of the classic recorded concert performances of all time.  These are both single or double-gatefold album packages that include all the details and imagery of the recorded performance.  The titles in the series include albums at both 33 1/3 rpm as well as some soon to be released at 45 rpm for the peak in quality of sound.  This unique set of recordings truly lives up to our name by offering the ultimate sound experience, absolute Audio Fidelity.

Audio Fidelity, it’s as simple as 1-2-3……our three basic principles

To be associated with classic artists and entertainers;
To keep the integrity of the artist’s original vision intact; and,
To reproduce vintage recordings with the finest quality sound based on our supreme standards of quality control.


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