Tron - Wendy Carlos : OST - 180g 2LP

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Tron - Wendy Carlos : OST - 180g 2LP
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AAA 100% Analogue This LP was Remastered using Pure Analogue Components Only from the Master Tapes through to the Cutting Head

Audio Fidelity - AFZLP2177 - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl  

Mastered by Kevin Gray  - Numbered Blue Vinyl Limited Edition

3 Bonus Tracks -  Pressed at QRP

100 Recommended All-Analog ressues Worth Owning - Michael Fremer Analogplanet 2019
Remastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearant Mastering 
Includes Liner Notes by Composer Wendy Carlos
Featuring 3 Bonus Tracks including 2 Songs from Journey
The Audio Fidelity release will come pressed on two translucent blue 180g vinyl records packaged in a distinctive gatefold jacket. The album includes colorful photos from the popular cult film and generous and informative liner notes written by the composer.
This new double LP version mastered by Kevin Gray is by far the best sounding TRON you will hear. Like Audio Fidelity's Bladerunner reissue, Tron is a sonic spectacular. If you are a TRON soundtrack fan, I guaranty you, you will hear further into the mix than ever before. The bottom end on this production is stupendous and Kevin gets it all. Carlos’s crystalline high frequency synth ‘stings’ attain a clarity and precision that sound as if the recording was produced last week, never mind in 1982. This reissue also re-creates the three-dimensional spaces both real and artificial that I’ve not heard since I heard the final mix on the dubbing stage. Sound 10/10 , Music 10/10 Michael Fremer AnaloguePlanet
The double vinyl Tron edition additionally features three bonus tracks including two songs ("Only Solutions” and the rock guitar-drive instrumental "1990's Theme") by arena rock band Journey.
"The score deserves another listen in the analog domain by another generation and that will happen when this soundtrack is reissued." - Michael Fremer, Analog Planet
Tron: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack album for the 1982 film of the same name, composed by Wendy Carlos with two additional musical tracks which were provided by the band Journey after British band Supertramp pulled out of the project. The album was released on July 9, 1982, the day of release of the film.
The soundtrack for Tron was written by pioneering electronic musician Wendy Carlos, who is best known for her album Switched-On Bach and for the soundtracks to many films, including A Clockwork Orange and The Shining.
The music, which was the first collaboration between Carlos and her partner Annemarie Franklin, featured a mix of an analog Moog synthesizer and Crumar's GDS digital synthesizer (complex additive and phase modulation synthesis), along with non-electronic pieces performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra (hired at the insistence of Disney, which was concerned that Carlos might not be able to complete her score on time). 
"...the original soundtrack to Disney's video game crossover movie Tron was a notable landmark in the synthesis of electronic and traditional orchestral music. Given a set of cues by the director, Carlos composed an electronic score for the movie, which was later overlapped with symphonic backgrounds by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the UCLA Chorus...the result is an impressive score that fuses organic and electronic to such a degree that much of the score sounds of a piece." -John Bush,
1. Creation of Tron
2. Only Solutions (Performed by Journey)
3. We've Got Company
4. Wormhole
5. Ring Game and Escape
6. Water, Music, and Tronaction
7. Tron Scherzo
8. Miracle and Magician
9. Magic Landings
10. Theme From Tron
11. 1990's Theme (Performed by Journey)
12. Love Theme
13. Tower Music / Let Us Pray
14. The Light Sailer
15. Sea of Simulation
16. A New Tron and the MCP
17. Anthem
18. Ending Titles
19. Tronaction (Original Version)
20. Break In (For Strings, Flutes, and Celesta)
21. Anthem for Keyboard Solo
Tron - Wendy Carlos : OST - 180g 2LP

You've never heard your favorite music sound this good!  
The clarity is truly exceptional.

Engineers Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray use their 30 years of expertise to create the best sounding versions of the music ever released.

Our Vinyl series of 180g Virgin Vinyl 12” LPs features some of the classic recorded concert performances of all time.  These are both single or double-gatefold album packages that include all the details and imagery of the recorded performance.  The titles in the series include albums at both 33 1/3 rpm as well as some soon to be released at 45 rpm for the peak in quality of sound.  This unique set of recordings truly lives up to our name by offering the ultimate sound experience, absolute Audio Fidelity.

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