Brahms - Violin Concerto : David Oistrakh : Cleveland Orchestra : George Szell - 180g LP

Brahms - Violin Concerto : David Oistrakh : Cleveland Orchestra : George Szell - 180g LP

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Brahms - Violin Concerto : David Oistrakh : Cleveland Orchestra : George Szell - 180g LP
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EMI Testament - ASD2525  - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl - AAA 100% Analogue

Pure Analogue Audiophile Mastering - Limited Edition 

Testament has revived these classic titles from the EMI catalog using only the original EMI master tapes,cut onto lacquer at EMI's Abbey Road Studios and mastered using full analog techniques throughout production.

BRAHMS Violin Concerto in D, Op.77 Cleveland Orchestra George Szell

David Oistrakh, the celebrated Russian violinist, was one of a small group of Soviet artists invited by EMI to participate in their program of recording for the first time with major orchestras in the USA, following the end of the company's long-standing reciprocal licensing arrangements with CBS and RCA. EMI's first venture in this field was a set of Beethoven Piano Concertos with Emil Gilels as soloist, made with the Cleveland Orchestra under its Hungarian conductor George Szell in the Severance Hall, Cleveland, in April and May 1968. This was followed in May 1969 with the Brahms Violin Concerto with Oistrakh and the Brahms Double Concerto with Oistrakh and Rostropovich. The Penguin Guide said of the LP of the Violin Concerto that the performance was "full of controlled feeling and disciplined vitality that must be numbered among the finest of the full-price versions available."

English audiences were among the very first to recognize the genius of the Brahms violin concerto.  Brahms was not a great traveler, for the most prosaic of reasons.  He feared sea-sickness and was a poor linguist.  He visited Holland and Switzerland where there were few if any language difficulties, and he loved Italy.  But he could not be persuaded to cross the Channel.
Born in Hamburg in 1833, Brahms was 46 when the violin concerto was first performed in 1879, at a Gewandhaus Concert in Leipzig with Joachim as soloist and composer conducting.  He was then at the summit of his career as an orchestral composer.  The first two symphonies and the first piano concerto had already been written and the other two symphonies, the second piano concerto and the double concerto followed during the next eight or nine years.
Brahms first went to Portschach in 1877 and the second symphony was the result.  In 1878 he went again and wrote the violin concerto.  His last holiday at Portschach was in 1879 and produced the gracious first sonata for violin and piano.  He did not go again because the village was becoming too popular with tourists for his liking.
Violin Concerto in D amjor, OP.77
David Oistrakh, violin
Cleveland Orchestra conducted by George Szell
1st Movement: Allegro non troppo - Cadenza (by Joachim) - Tempo I
Band 1 - 2nd Movement: Adagio
Band 2 - 3rd Movement: Allegro giocoso, ma non troppo vivace
Brahms - Violin Concerto : David Oistrakh : Cleveland Orchestra : George Szell - 180g LP

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