Clearaudio Cartridge "Break-In" Test Record - 180g LP

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Clearaudio Cartridge "Break-In" Test Record - 180g LP
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Clearaudio - BIN 070904  - 200 Gram Virgin Vinyl - Pressed in Germany

Fast-track your turntable to perfection - Tech Radar - Unique 'break-in' LP for new catridges

Clearaudio Cartridge Break-In Test Record

A pickup system requires a certain break-in period to achieve the best reproduction characteristics. This settling time depends on the specific pickup - from construction and from the sampled signals during this time. Usually, this break-in period for a phono cartridge with a music signal is about 40 to 100 hours. This settling time can be shortened significantly, however, when pink noise is used as a signal in an endless groove.

To this end, the Clearaudio Cartridge Break-In Record provides 6 endless grooves with a pink noise signal (tracks 5,6,7,9,10 and 11). In addition, 240 seconds are added Pink noise signals for measurements of the entire playback system available (Track 14).

To test the frequency response of a pickup is a moving (sweep) sine test signal from 20 Hz to 20 kHz (Track 3). The total noise of the playback system can be tested with an empty record without signal "silence" (Track 4 and 13) (duration 300 seconds). Optimization of the anti-skating force adjustment allow Tracks 8 and 12 Both channels include a 316 Hz sine wave signal with a continuously changing phase difference from 0 to 360 grad on the diamond sample movement is repeated this way, changes of horizontal to vertical movement. The amplitude increases from -22 dB to + 8 dB.

Turntable expert Clearaudio is offering a solution to a problem that perhaps audiophiles didn't know they had. It has just launched the Cartridge Break-In Record, a vinyl LP that has been specifically designed to 'break-in' brand new cartridges, when the time comes to replace them. According to the German expert, "phono cartridges usually need a running-in period to reach their full sonic potential. This can take anything from 40 to 100 hours, depending upon the manufacturer, design and construction of the phono cartridge.

Pink noise vinyl solution

"As far as we know, Clearuadio's vinyl solution to this problem is unique in the marketplace. The disc is essentially a long continuous track of pink noise ­- and is, therefore, not the stuff of dinner parties.Playing pink noise is said to "significantly reduce the length of the break-in period", according to Clearaudio. The Cartridge Break-In Record boasts a total of twelve continuous pink noise tracks (six per side) at various positions on the record. In addition to the cartridge break-in tracks, there are several further tracks, designed to aid the accurate set up of the cartridge, tone arm, turntable and in fact, the whole hi-fi system.The LP record is pressed onto high-quality 180-gram vinyl 

1. No Signal, Concentric Groove For Eccentricity Check
2. 1 kHz, Starting Signal
3. Sweep, Frequency Response Check: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
4. No Signal, Total System Noise Check
5. Pink Noise, Cartridge "Break In"
6. Pink Noise, Cartridge "Break In"
7. Pink Noise, Cartridge "Break In"
8. 316 Hz (0 to 360 Degrees), Anti-Skating Check
9. Pink Noise, Cartridge "Break In"
10. Pink Noise, Cartridge "Break In"
11. Pink Noise, Cartridge "Break In"
12. 316 Hz (0 to 360 Degrees), Anti-Skating Check
13. No Signal, Total System Noise Check
14. Pink Noise, Cartridge "Break In"
15. No Signal, Concentric Groove For Eccentricity Check


Clearaudio Cartridge "Break-In" Test Record - 180g LP

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