Pro-Ject - Stereo Box DS - Integrated Amplifier + DAC 40wpc

Pro-Ject - Stereo Box DS - Integrated Amplifier + DAC 40wpc

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Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS Integrated Amp

The Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS is a high-performance integrated amplifier which features dual-mono amplification topology using the highest quality PWM amplifier modules (two per channel) for audiophile-grade sound. This amplifier is not only powerful but, is capable of driving difficult speaker loads and is stable down into 2 ohm operation. In addition to four pairs of RCA line level jacks to accommodate a selection of analog inputs, a USB digital input provides easy direct interface with computers.

The built-in D/A converter provides superb sound from your computer files and simplifies interface and operation. The large and legible display readout provides status of every operational mode and can be read across the room. The massive metal case shields the internal circuitry form not only detrimental vibrations but also electromagnetic interference. Additionally, the outboard power supply also contributes to the low-noise environment. An IR remote control is supplied.

The Stereo Box DS from Pro-Ject Box Design sets a new standard in micro hi-fi. It is an audiophile-grade integrated amplifier with dual-mono construction that uses only the best quality PWM amplifier modules.

The sound quality is similar to that of the highly-rated Stereo Box S, but the use of 2 modules per channel brings the extra power that allows it to become the centre of almost any hi-fi system. But in addition to this the Stereo Box DS is also 2Ω capable.

The four stereo line level inputs (RCA) and 1 digital USB input allow for any modern or traditional source to be connected with ease, and the large easy to read display combines with the control buttons and supplied user remote to make operation effortlessly simple. The massive metal casing protects the electronics from environmental interference.

"Starting off with Otis Redding's cover of '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' I was impressed with the deep and quite tneful bass that bounced around the room. It had a pleasing amount of weight and underpinned well projected vocals."
"The staging area sat well within the speaker boundaries and was well lit, with firmly defined edges, beyond which was a wall of blackness.""The USB input, connected to my MacBook Pro, did a good job in extracting the detail in sometimes questionable sonic quality YouTube videos." Hifi World

  • Dual-Mono internal design
  • 2Ω drive capability
  • 4x stereo line inputs (RCA)
  • USB digital input
  • 2 power modules for each channel
  • Large, high-contrast control display
  • Familiar sound of the Stereo Box S, but with higher power output
  • Metal case shields the electronics from external interference
  • Faceplate available in silver or black 
Power Output:
2x 45W (8Ω) / 60W(4Ω)
2Ω Drive Capability
Noise Floor: > 100dB (A-Weighted)
Channel Separation: > 65dB at 20kHz
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz (+0.2dB, -0.1dB)
Gain: 33dB
THD:  0.1% at 10W 
Input Sensitivity:  350mV 
D/A Converter:  Texas Instruments PCM2706.
16-Bit/48kHz Delta Sigma, 
128-Times Oversampling
Stereo Line Inputs: 4 x RCA Pairs
Input Impedance: 100 kΩ
Speaker Connectors:

4mm Ø Banana Plugs
Spades Connectors
Naked Wire
Power Supply: 24V / 5A DC
Power Consumption:  5A DC 
Standby Power Consumption: <1 Watt
Dimensions (W x H x D):
103 x 72 x 104mm
103 x 72 x 122mm (Incl. Sockets)




Pro-Ject Box Design DS Line Analogue & Digital  Audiophile Micro Systems

Turntables ,  Racks , Speakers , CD Players  , DAC , Streamers , Headphone Amps 


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