Pro-Ject - Stereo Box S - Phono Integrated Amplifier 25wpc

Pro-Ject - Stereo Box S - Phono Integrated Amplifier 25wpc

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Small giant in sound Outstanding sound quality !!!  


The Pro-Ject Stereo Box S is a tiny thing, but it's big enough to bring desktop speakers to life! - Cnet

The Pro-Ject Stereo Box S Phono is a combination of the Stereo Amp Box S, Pre Box S and Phono MM, in one stylish body, offering exceptional sound quality. 

The new "S" body design makes the Stereo Box S Phono a slim and elegant looking device.

The amplifier can be controlled with a slim-line IR remote, or via the simple and minimal front-facing controls. A 'Record Out' is also included on the back of the device, allowing the Stereo Box S Phono to be partnered with other stereo components like the Head Box! 

The built in phono stage is capable of accommodating your moving magnet cartridge with ease so no matter what MM cartridge you have you're covered.


  • 2 x 37 watts @ 4 ohms
  • 2 ohm drive capability
  • Low noise pure analogue audio circuitry
  • Dual mono design principle
  • 3 stereo lines and phono input (RCA)
  • Fixed line level record out
  • Motor drive potentiometer
  • IR remote included 
  • 2 different face-plate colours, black or silver
Output Power:
2 x 25W @ 8Ω (Both Channels Driven)
2 x 37W @ 4Ω (Both Channels Driven)
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz (- 0.3dB, -2.5dB)
Channel Separation:  > 40dB at 20kHz 
oise Floor:  > -100dB (A weighted) 
THD:  <0.05% at 10W 
Gain:  22dB 
Line-Level Inputs: 2 Pair RCA/Phono Sockets, 3.5mm Co-Axial Jack
Phono Amplifier: Moving Magnet (MM)
RIAA- EQ Curve Accuracy:  20Hz - 20kHz / Max. 0.5dB 
Input Impedance:  20kohms 
Speaker Connections:  4mm Banana Plugs, Spades Connectors or Naked Wire 
Power Supply: 20V / 3A DC
Power Consumption: 3A DC, <1W In Standy
Dimensions (W x H x : 206 x 40 x 150mm (165mm W/Sockets)



But for a shade under £200, and with dimensions similar to those of a deck of playing cards, the Pro-Ject is a useful option for anyone with a hankering for a compact desk-top set-up. What Hifi
I've long admired Pro-Ject turntables, but I was only vaguely aware of their electronics line so it was high time to check out one of their amplifiers. I requested their baby amp, the Stereo Box S ($299). It's the smallest power amp I've ever seen, a mere 4.1 by 1.4 by 4.8 inches, and the build quality of its all-metal chassis felt robust. The amp is available in silver or black finishes. A remote control adjusts volume and switches between two RCA inputs. The gold-plated speaker binding posts are really pretty small, and so closely spaced it's nearly impossible to connect bare wires to the amp. I finally managed it, but it took a few minutes to squeeze my fingers into the space. If you have banana plugs, use them instead of bare wires.
The Stereo Box S was designed in Vienna, Austria and built in the Czech Republic, with audiophiles in mind. That's a different mindset from what I see with most budget amps. The Stereo Box S actually sounds pretty good, like a mini-audiophile amp should. The Stereo Box line includes tuners, power amps, headphone amps, digital-to-analog converters, iPod docs, media players, and so on.
I did the bulk of my listening on my desktop, with the Pro-Ject Speaker Box 5 (speakers). The tonal balance is pretty flat, not bumped up or hyped in any way. That's another way of saying the amp and speakers sound crisp and clear with a wide range of music genres, but the bass was lightweight. If you crave a big, bassy sound, plan on adding a sub. The Stereo Box S amp is rated at 30 watts per channel, but it definitely doesn't sound that powerful. On the desktop, sitting 30 inches from the speakers, their power was adequate, but when I moved the amp out into the room with the same speakers, the sound didn't impress. Back on the desktop volume wasn't an issue. I think the amp is better than the Pro-Ject speakers, and if desktop space is really limited the Stereo Box S is a no-brainer - Cnet



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