Thunderon & Goat Conductive Anti Static Record Brush LP

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Thunderon & Goat Conductive Anti Static Record Brush LP
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Anti-Static Record Brush Safely Removes Dust Before Playing &  Static Charge Dissipation

Our newest brush is made with a mixture of Thunderon®, a conductive filament, and Goat hair. Thunderon® is a very fine (0.0015 diameter) acrylic fiber chemically bonded with copper sulfide. The special fiber will dissipate a charge on any electrically charged surface. The ultra soft goat hair makes this brush perfect for your vinyl records.

For best results in eliminating static, hold the record while using the brush; eliminating a static charge in a record while it is on your platter is difficult. especially if your platter is Acrylic 

Size  100mm  at the handle & 107mm  at the contact point. Ideal to cover your LP Record Grooves

Ideal addition if Used with your RCM & Anti-Static Inner Sleeves

The rationale for storing and preserving vinyl records in high quality, chemically inert, inner sleeves
Neutralizing the record's static charge and preventing static buildup when pulling the LP out of the record sleeve 
Preventing the record jacket or dirt from scratching the record 
Preventing dust from sticking or becoming embedded in the record

The surface resistivity of Thunderon® is 10-2Ω/cm. The plastic handle is dissipative with a surface resistivity of 105Ω/cm.

Static electrical charge is generated between materials through friction, pressure or separation of two materials. This is sometimes called the Triboelectric Effect. A material that inhibits the generation of static charges (generally less than 200 volts) from triboelectric generation is classified as anti-static. Anti-static materials used to make brushes include Wood, Hog Bristle, Horse Hair and Goat Hair.  The most critical aspects of the Brush are the fiber, core or handle material, and grounding. Surface resistivity of the brush material largely determines the electrostatic properties of the brush

 NoStatic carbon impregnated turntable mat. can also help reduce Static when used in combination with Brush

Combination of wool and carbon to reduce static from LPs, resulting in a lower noise floor on playback.

The Tonar Nostatic mat is 3mm thick and prevents build up of static on your LP''s. Can be used in conjunction with other mats or on it''s own.  If you are having issues with static this mat will help to stop static build up.


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