Cartridge Man Music Maker Parallel Tracking Air Bearing Tonearm

Cartridge Man Music Maker Parallel Tracking Air Bearing Tonearm

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Cartridge Man Music Maker Parallel Tracking Air Bearing Tonearm
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Here, London is simply being true to the original Decca tonearm, one of the worst-made in audio history. And yet that too defied its construction by sounding sublime... with the matching cartridge. If, as I do, you adore Londons, then this arm must be taken seriously.- Ken Kessler Hifi News

The Reference is a parallel tracking air bearing arm with pure silver wiring from headshell to locking phono plugs and features VTA adjustable while the record is playing. Designed for London by Len Gregory, the arm is intended for use with London cartridges, but will perform well with other makes. It's outstanding sound quality makes it ideal for any high-end system playing vinyl records.
The Reference is a variant of Len's conductor arm. It has been designed to work in perfect harmony with the current range of decca cartridges, taking into account the unique requirements of this high quality device.
The London Reference arm comes complete with its air pump, tank, pipes and full instructions.
Long in planning and design, the all new Cartridge Man Conductor parallel tracking air bearing pick up arm has to be heard to be believed. With a pre production model used briefly at Heathrow, manufacturing variances associated with the air beam have been totally overcome and it is now into production.


The Conductor follows The Cartridge Mans principles in that The Conductor will be brought to the market place at a price that brings distortion and geometric error free playback of vinyl to the masses. Not since Bruce Thigpens Eminent Technology ET2 in the early 80s has such an affordable quality parallel tracker been available. Forget the issues of cartridges mounted on carriages on wheels, or high pressure air pumps through ceramic bearing housings, the Conductor uses a simple high flow low pressure aquarium based air pump system that negates the need for expensive stainless steel pressure fittings and fixings.
 Is this the arm I would take to my desert island? Given my taste in music, my sub-optimal record collection? Yes, TNT Audio
this arm gets my highest recommendation. 6Moons
The Conductor on a Scheu Premier DL No. 2 turntable
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