The Cartridge Man Digital Levelling Gauge DLG45-01

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The Cartridge Man Digital Levelling Gauge DLG45-01
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Many use bubble levels to level their turntable, but their accuracy is subject to both eye sight and it can be very frustrating to centre that bubble! Cartridge Man introduced this digital levelling gauge as a solution. This is a highly accurate, easy-to-use, all-electronic Digital Levelling Gauge tgat presents a digital level read-out of both planes simultaneously to an accuracy of 0.1°. Four quadrant LEDs give a clear indication of which side needs lowering or raising, until both readouts are equal to 0 and the turntable is perfectly level.

A turntable will always perform at its best when properly leveled. Using Cartridge Man's Digital Levelling Gauge, you can make sure level is accurate and realise the maximum performance from your turntable.


'The importance of setting up a turntable correctly is only appreciated by those why have completed this task. Until then you just do not know what you are missing'

'Used in conjunction with a test record, you have all the tools needed to set up a turntable system to perfection. All professionals/shops should own these. If someone comes to set up a turntable and doesn't have one ask why not - its like a doctor without a stethoscope' (TNT-Audio online)

'Now I'd go further and say that for anyone who takes the job seriously, then its essential equipment. This thing is a DIY-ers delight. Expensive? Yes, but then the best normally is' (Hi-Fi+ magazine)

The Cartridge Man Digital Leveling Gauge will allow you level your CD, loudspeakers, equipment support, or even turntable! allowing your equipment to perform to you at its best. 

Imagine the wear that goes on into your systemsbearings. to say nothing of vibration, when it is running out of verticle. The eccentric forces will permanently damagebearings and introduce unwanted "noise" into you system unless accurately leveled. 

This is a fantastic tool, and are not just applicable for leveling your Hi Fi equipment. Professional organizations use them in a variety of manufacturing and engineering applications.. 

With a resolution of 0.1°, the Digital Leveling Gauge will confine your old fashioned bubble level to the tool box forever. What's more you can center the level over the spindle with a wight of 195g, less than ten percent over the likely weight of your older or modern LP collection 

Essential for all professionals who regularly set up decks either during a custom install or for demonstration within their own premises. 

"I was in two minds over this to begin with. It costs a lot of money and though I expected it to work well I was sort of happy with 'Stanley'. However now having used it for the last few weeks on several turn-tables I'm starting to see it as less of a luxury. Certainly any professional (or journalist) in the turntable set-up field should have one, it'll save hours and looks the biz. But for the private individual there must come a point with an expensive turntable set-up where the accuracy of the gauge and its consistency make it worth buying. It's a unique product and has many uses outside .turntables. - CD players etc etc -" TNT Audio 

Specification and features

Measurement range: +35° to -35°
Accuracy: better than 0.1° at level 
Resolution: 0.1°
Useable period:> 10 hours continuous 
Display: 2 x 3-digit LED and 4 x 3mm LEDs 
Status indication: Display test, nulling 
Cell type: 2 x AAA 
Useable temperature: 5°C to 35°C 
Weight: 195g nominal 
Dimension: 62mm h x 69mm diameter 
Construction: Non-magnetic, anti-static treated 

The Cartridge Man's digital level
Again, the difference between a builder's -- or even turntable -- spirit level and this one is hard to credit. There is simply no comparison. The platter bearing is without question the most important component of a turntable. Along with good quality clean oil, the bearing will respond hugely to a solid, level surface. In some cases, you might hear the benefits of a properly levelled platter immediately (particularly if you have a three- point suspended turntable like a Linn LP12 or a Systemdek). Like the wall shelf, this is fundamental. If you get the platter rotating smoothly with as little friction and eccentric wobble as possible, so many other good things flow that it's simply crazy not to get this as accurate as possible. In fact, the cheaper the bearing, the more important this becomes.
The digital level is incredibly accurate and simple to use. The only thing worth watching is that the surface you are levelling is the actual level. If you're levelling the platter, place the level on three parts of the platter (in case there is some inaccuracy in the platter itself), then directly over the spindle. On some cheaper platters, you might well find they don't agree at which point it's worth figuring out where the problem is.
The sonic gains of a well set-up platter are crucial to a good analog sound. The soundstage will open up but more crucially, the image will stabilize and loose any residual fuzziness and furriness that are the bane of bad analog sound. Along with a wall shelf, a well set-up platter will bring direct benefits in extending the highs and releasing a deeper, more realistic bass. Rhythms will tighten and scale will increase. Personally, I would much rather have a digital scale than be able to change the VTA on a Rega 250 for instance. The benefits go to the heart of the way analog is reproduced. Do make sure you check the calibration as it is directional.
Yes, this level is expensive so if you're stretched, I'd suggest getting together with a few other vinyl aficionados to split the cost of the gauge and other setup tools.6Moons
Ideal with The Cartridge Man Digital Stylus Force Gauge DFG420B & 180 gram TEST LP


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