Perla Barocca - Early Italian Masterpieces : Rachel Podger - SACD

Perla Barocca - Early Italian Masterpieces : Rachel Podger - SACD

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Perla Barocca - Early Italian Masterpieces : Rachel Podger - SACD
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Rachel Podger (violin), Marcin Świątkiewicz (harpsichord & organ) & Daniele Caminiti (theorbo)

there's the sense of music in possession of a free spirit and keen to test boundaries both expressive and virtuosic...Predictably there's an unfailing eloquence to everything Podger does, whether... — BBC Music Magazine 5/5

Fresh from winning the Instrumental category in the BBC Music Magazine Awards 2014 for “Guardian Angel” (CCSSA35513) Rachel Podger is back with this beautiful collection of masterpieces of the early Italian Baroque.

By the mid-seventeenth century, musical composition had reached a point where invention had converged with technical mastery. Composers embraced a bass line lively with linearity, often entering into dialogue with the upper voices. Exploratory harmonic schemes were encompassed within larger unified tonalities. Through rhetorical structures, such as motive, imitation and sequence, composers instilled logic into their musical arguments.

These characteristics, though rooted in vocal practice, were being cultivated for the first time in musical history for instrumentalists. In other words, the Baroque was born.

The featured composers showcase sublime examples of the early Italian Baroque. Some composers dominate the repertory; others have left behind only a handful of works. Here, they come together to convey the diverse musical landscape at such an excitingly rich and creative era.

Giovanni Battista Fontana: Sonata Seconda
Girolamo Frescobaldi: Toccata Prima; Toccata per Spinettina e Violino 
Marco Uccellini: Sonata overo Toccata quinta a violino solo, "detta la Laura rilucente"
Dario Castello: Sonata Seconda
Biago Marini: Sonata quatro per sonar con due corde
Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli: Sonata Sesta, Op 4 "La Vinciolina"
Isabella Leonarda: Sonata Duodecima
Andrea Gabrieli: Ricercar del Primo Tono
Giovanni Paolo Cima: Sonata a due
Antonio Bertali: Chiacona

Rachel Podger, violin
Marcin Swiatkiewicz, harpsichord/organ
Daniele Caminiti, theorbo

1Sonata Seconda
2Toccata Prima
3Sonata Overo Toccata Quinta
4Sonata Seconda
5Sonata Quatro Per Sonar Con Due Corde
6Toccata Per Spinettina E Violino
7Sonata Sesta
8Sonata Duodecima
9Ricercar Del Primo Tono
10Sonata a Due


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