Turntable Universal Acrylic Dust Cover ( 400 x 300 x 50 mm )

Turntable Universal Acrylic Dust Cover ( 400 x 300 x 50 mm )

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Turntable Universal Acrylic Dust Cover ( 400 x 300 x 50 mm )
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Dimensions to Suit a Wide Range Of Open Turntables Supplied Without Dust Covers
Eg - Clearaudio , Project etc

Universal top-cover for 9" arm/platter & also suitable for S-Shaped Tonearms

..Pro-Ject Micro Stereo System : RPM 1 Carbon Turntable / Maia Amplifier / Speakers.
This beautiful High Quality German Acrylic cover will protect your cherished  turntable from dirt and dust., Children & Animals & Protect your Investment
No more broken Cantilevers or Damaged Stylus from prying hands or paws !
Dust is collecting on your Turntable  all the time while dust is the vinyl player's biggest enemy. It sounds horrible and damages your records while playing.  Brushing your records before playing is one step, keeping your player free from dust the next!  
Univercal cover is  made by first CNC machining and then folding to shape. It is laying direct on the turntable's platter to keep dust of, it is centered by the spindle to keep the right position. Three bumpers keep a small distance between platter and cover. 
The arm is protected against damaging but not fully against dust as air can still flow over the arm. Our universal cover will fit most turntables with 9 inch tonearm.
Cover Company Universal Cover U/1


Dust can have a substantial impact to vinyl records and turntables, both in terms of the sound quality you experience, and with respect to the longevity of your records and phono cartridge or stylus. Dust and dirt from the air settles on a turntable and records and can clog up the grooves, and accumulate on the needle, seriously hampering the sound of your music. Using a turntable cover prevents large levels of dust and environmental particles settling on your equipment, and can also protect your record player against knocks, bumps and spillages!       

#### Turntable Not Included ###

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