Croft Acoustics 6 Pack - Phono / Pre / Monoblocks

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Croft Acoustics 6 Pack - Phono / Pre / Monoblocks
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Glenn Croft has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative and technically gifted designers of valve electronics in the World. Croft Acoustic Phono Stages, Pre-Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers are minimalist, no compromise designs, carefully hand made in England for over 35 years.

Croft  RIAA RS Phono Stage +  Micro 25 RS Pre-Amplifier + Series 7R Monoblocks

When it comes to pulse processing, nothing is as fast and no-one as you can imagine. Here, a drum sounds like a drum and not like a wet sack on which someone is drunk: feather-light, transparent and fantastically realistic. That these amplifiers are the result of decades of evolution, I believe immediately: the ensemble is pushing its gait so convincingly and emphatically that it is not even from the wrist. Someone wanted this very exactly and not otherwise. This has a similar intensity as the large Audio Research but with other priorities. The Crofts are the first-class rhythmic, which clearly comes from their flash-like acceleration. Tonal I think they are absolutely "straight" apart from the minimally reduced bass. I regard the restraint at the very bottom as an advantage, Which prevents all forms of "heaviness" in the sound. This is so fantastically transparent that you can even get "Enter Sandman" from Metallica positives - when you look over the completely messy tonality of the "black album" times. In any case, Crofts also extract something like lightness and a sense of space. There are no critical restrictions when choosing the loudspeakers. It is desirable to have a capability of the amplifiers. There are no critical restrictions when choosing the loudspeakers. It is desirable to have a capability of the amplifiers. There are no critical restrictions when choosing the loudspeakers. It is desirable to have a capability of the amplifiers.

The culmination of my encounter with the British Sixpack was surely the combination with the monstrous YG Carmel 2 , then my still the ultimate record for the dive must be ran: The approximately twenty-minute "Ramada Inn" of Neils Youngs "Psychedelic Pill" I have not for far too long. Here, the title is the pure immersion in music, a trip unlike, without the use of prohibited substances. This alone makes these oblong tin crates from the island invaluable. And you can be sure that my station and I'll think about the topic of "ECC99-Linestage with controlled operating voltage".

Conclusion 9600 Euros So exactly. Please exactly as light, loose, unpretentious, relaxed and creamy. Great amplifiers where the long-term evolution drips from every note.HIFI TEST DE

The RIAA RS is the new top of the range phono stage from Glenn Croft. It’s housed in two of the standard sized Croft cases, one of which contains the massive regulated power supply and the other the phono stage itself

A two box pre the Micro 25RS – which is essentially a Micro 25R with better line stage, ht regulators, components, sockets and matching separate power supply box with 550VA transformers

The Croft Acoustics Series 7R Mono Power Amplifiers are the pinnacle of Glenn Croft's power amplification. Coupled with a quality Croft pre amplifier, the 7R Mono Amplifiers deliver impeccable balance, scale and detail. The better amplifier stage, ht regulator, components, sockets and terminals result in the 7R Mono Power Amplifiers being the best Croft amplifiers yet - so good that they couldn't think of a single area needing improvement.


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