Croft Acoustics Micro 25 MM Phono Pre Amplifier

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Glenn Croft has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative and technically gifted designers of valve electronics in the World. Croft Acoustic Phono Stages, Pre-Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers are minimalist, no compromise designs, carefully hand made in England for over 35 years.

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It has already been said that if this pre were to be put into a fancy billet aluminium case Glenn could easily charge 4k for it. Suffice to say that's not going to happen either. So here it is the Micro 25, Glenn beleives it represents the best value, biggest bang for buck pre-amplifier in the current range AV Review
All the glowing reviews are correct. A bare bones preamp with a great MM phono stage, the Croft Micro 25 Basic is a fantastic "bit of kit" as they say in the UK. Very quiet, deep depth and texture to the sound of your LPs with this Croft classic. Hifi Review

Regardless of where you are on the audiophile path, if you are building a high performance, yet reasonably priced system I can’t suggest the Croft Micro 25 preamplifier and Model 7 power amplifier highly enough, especially if you can live without a remote control.Both of these pieces perform far enough out of their respective price point that even if the audio bug bites you hard, you should be able to go through a few rounds of source and speaker upgrades before you tire of the Croft pieces. Even if you do decide to move further up the ladder, I’d suggest keeping these two forever – they are destined to become classics. I bought the review pair and plan to do just that. We are proud to award the pair one of our Exceptional Value Awards. - Tone Audio

England's Croft Acoustics has been making some of the very finest tube electronics for over twenty years. Croft pre-amps and amplifiers are minimalist, no compromise designs, carefully handmade, with absolutely the highest regard for maintaining signal purity. 


Featuring point to point wiring and selected matched components  
In addition to producing exceptional sound quality, Croft's minimalist designs cost far less to produce than many of today's exotic brands. Therefore Croft amplifiers deliver a sonic performance far in excess of what one would expect given their modest prices. This minimalist, quality first philosophy is utilized in all Croft products.

Valve compliment

Frequency Response


Input Impedance

Output Impedance
Power Consumption

W - 405mm D - 270 mm H - 70mm
3 x ECC83
3 kg

Phono 20 Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.5 dB
Line 0.1 Hz - 200 kHz -1dB into 100 kΩ
Phono 1 mV rms for 0.5V rms output
Line 150 mV rms for 0.5V rms output
Phono 47 kΩ
Line 100 kΩ
< 300 Ω
16 W

Instantly impressive

These two pieces of gear will surprise you as soon as you power them up. As I was just completing the review of the $45,000 pair of Estelon speakers for the December issue, I started here to see just what the Croft combination was capable of. Running a pair of RCA cables from the dCS Paganini to one of the line level inputs, I was amazed at just how musical these two were right off the bat. At moderate levels, it was very easy to get fooled into thinking this amplifier and preamplifier were worth at least double their asking price when judged on sound quality alone. The pace was excellent and the Series 7 amplifier did a great job of controlling the Estelons and my reference GamuT S9’s as well. I started with one of my favorite totally 80’s test tracks, Thomas Dolby’s “Hot Sauce,” that features a killer opening bass riff. The Series 7 had no problem controlling the might Estelons, and that hooked me instantly on the sound. Next up, Dave Stewart’s “Kinky Sweetheart” from hisGreetings From the Gutter CD. This track is very ethereal, with a lot of electronic and synth effects that float around the soundstage and will fall flat with a lesser preamp. The Croft combo through a soundstage that was impressively wide and deep. Going back to something I’ve heard a million times for an acoustic reference, Sonny Rollins’ Saxophone Colossus was the next choice and again I came away astonished at how natural instruments felt, with just the right of space and decay. Tone Audio

#### £ 75 worth of Free Vinyl of Your Choice ######

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