Croft Acoustics Phono Integrated Amplifier MM 45wpc

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Croft Acoustics Phono Integrated Amplifier MM 45wpc
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Showing no mercy, I dropped the Croft in place without paying any concern to price or-as above-impedance. The source was the deliriously expensive SME 30 turntable with SME Series V arm and Koetsu Urishi cartridge. In addition to the Wilson's, I also had a go at the hungry Sonus Faber Guarneri and LS3/5A speakers. Wiring throughout was from Transparent. Here's the crunch: the system ranged in total cost between £35.000 and £50.000. Croft charges £1000 for this integrated amplifier. and it did not embarrass itself.The amplifier has been taking on bigger, beefier competitors and slaughtering them, a real David versus Goliath scenario Ken Kessler Hifi News

Glenn Croft has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative and technically gifted designers of valve electronics in the World. Croft Acoustic Phono Stages, Pre-Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers are minimalist, no compromise designs, carefully hand made in England for over 35 years.

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Croft Phono Integrated, I already thought of it as one of the best affordable-perfectionist amplifiers I've heard - Stereophile

Croft's sound was extraordinary: smooth, coherent, open, naturally detailed, forceful, physical, and dynamic, with a great sense of space and an expert ability to drive a beat forward. Stereophile 2014 Recommended Component

Croft's Phono Integrated is a marvel and a hand-built jewel; a testament to a craftsmanship and a passionate love of music. This multi-award winning one-box solution delivers a stunning musical performance for the money and has received the industry's highest accommodations.. Like all Croft good imaging and detail without a hint of grain, a great choice for simple one-box affordable systems

If I were a designer or a builder, this is how I would do the thing. If I were buying in this price range, this is the one I would choose. Strongly Recommended.Art Dudley, Stereophile Class B Recommended Product  October 2013 - Stereophile Budget Product of the Year Runner Up

"Shit. Holy—freaking—shit, read my notes. The sound is much more "hi-fi" (in a super awesome way) than I've ever heard in this room: big, bold, forceful, smooth, detailed, and here, here, here. I underlined that last here three times. My system sounded bigger and more alive than ever before. The sounds of brushes against hi-hat and snare drum; of plectrum raking against electric guitar strings; of breaths between words, revealing the unmistakable humanness behind the vocoder-processed vocals—all of these things came together to create a massively compelling listening experience. This was hi-fi. I leapt from my seat and ran to the bedroom, where Ms. Little was hiding with the cats, and asked her to listen with me. "I feel like I'm hearing the supportive instruments better," she said, demonstrating by making a funny wah-wah sound. And when the robot sang, "And it was you / and it was you / the one that would be breaking my heart"—tremblingly, tenderly, desperately, unlike most robots—Ms. Little responded, "Oh, wow. Wow. I'd never heard that before. It's beautiful, really beautiful."It was. And because of the Croft's great sense of space and its expert ability to drive a beat forward, the music was also funky as hell. I didn't think they could make this much funk in England. Who knew?" Stereophile

The Phono Integrated is the newest item available from Glenn Croft. It contains the power amp stage from the Series 7

The Phono Integrated is the newest item available from Glenn Croft. It contains the power amp stage from the Series 7 Power Amp with a passive line stage and the phono stage from the Micro 25

Based on the well reviewed and magnificent sounding Micro 25 / Series 7 pre & power amplifiers, this minimialist design from Glenn Croft is sure to capture the heart of any music lover with its soulful and musical presentation.

Features point-to-point wiring with no circuit boards for that pure vintage tone achieved with maximum resolution.

This hybrid design incorporates a pair of 12AX7 tubes for the MM phono section (1.7mV sensitivity) and a single 12AX7 driver for the MOSFET outputs (40W/channel).

Less is more.

So far the Croft Acoustics range has been universally well received by dealers, distributers and customers.

If you are looking for a solid performer at a reasonable price point then this is the amplifier for you.

England's Croft Acoustics has been making some of the very finest tube electronics for over twenty years. Croft pre-amps and amplifiers are minimalist, no compromise designs, carefully handmade, with absolutely the highest regard for maintaining signal purity. 

Featuring point to point wiring and selected matched components  
In addition to producing exceptional sound quality, Croft's minimalist designs cost far less to produce than many of today's exotic brands. Therefore Croft amplifiers deliver a sonic performance far in excess of what one would expect given their modest prices. This minimalist, quality first philosophy is utilized in all Croft products.

Halfway through my time with the Croft Phono Integrated, I already thought of it as one of the best affordable-perfectionist amplifiers I've heard: direct, punchy, and musical, if just a bit coarse when asked to perform outside its comfort zone. It was, if I may be forgiven for saying so, the sort of performance anyone would expect from a good circuit that isn't built with the finest or rarest of parts, but that isn't freighted with a lot of unnecessary bullshit, either. It was as honest as they come.

The Croft was, in many ways, the most impressive affordable amp I've heard in years: Not thebest, per se, but the one that did the most to win me over, with its excellent build quality, its musically incisive and involving performance, and its stunning level of value. For some reason, a line from a long-ago film review, of David Cronenberg's 1986 remake of The Fly, comes to mind: "The original did more with less." Considered in such a light, the Croft Phono Integrated is that original.

And: It seems entirely possible that one could pay thousands of dollars to an industrial-design firm and still fail to achieve the clean and altogether classy appearance of understated quality that Glenn Croft has hit on here. The amp's casework is pleasant to behold, touch, and use, while avoiding altogether the ridiculousness of so many thickly faceplated and overpriced competitors.

It all comes back to my time with that Jacques Loussier album. I still remember when, a few months ago, I borrowed a current sample of the Shindo Cortese single-ended amplifier ($9995). Play Bach No.1 was the first record I played through it, and I was knocked out by a level of subtle impact that I'd never heard before from the LP. The Croft duplicated that experience. It didn't have the Shindo's timbral color or psychedelic flow, but it allowed the music the same level of excitement and impact, which is at least half the game, in my book. Maybe yours, too.If I were a designer or a builder, this is how I would do the thing. If I were buying in this price range, this is the one I'd choose. Strongly recommended - Art Dudley Stereophile

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Valve compliment

Frequency Response

Line Sensitivity

Phono Sensitivity

Input Impedance

Power Output
Power Consumption

W - 405mm D - 270 mm H - 70mm
1 x ECC83
5 kg

0.15 Hz - 150kHz -1 dB 


1.3mV MM

470 kΩ

45 W rms @ 8Ω 50 W rms @ 4Ω 
20 W idle 240 W max





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