The Locrian Ensemble - Mendelssohn's Octet - 1/4" 15IPS R2R Tape

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The Locrian Ensemble - Mendelssohn's Octet - 1/4" 15IPS R2R Tape
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Chasing the Dragon -  AAA 100% Analogue -  15IPS 1/4 R2R TAPE 

Limited Edition

Chasing The Dragon have chosen Mendelssohn's wonderful octet performed by The Locrian Ensemble for their latest recording. The musicians are all soloists in their own right; however, they are led by the ubiquitous violinist, Jack Liebeck.

The recording has given Chasing The Dragon the opportunity to compare a variety of microphone techniques, which they do in the second half of the album. You can compare valve vs transistor mics and the sound of analogue 1/2" master tape running at 30 IPS vs digital at 24 / 192, all recorded at the same time. They have even used their binaural head - which sounds great on headphones!

"Our tapes are always recorded from the original copy master, to give you the closest approach to the original recording." -

• Created from 30IPS 1/2" Running Masters at Air Studios
• 1/4" 15IPS CCIR
• Original Master Tapes recorded at 30ips onto ½" Tape
• Copy Masters are made using 2 Studer A820 Master Recorders
• No compression, limiting reverberation or equalization has been used
• Machines are connected with Zensati Seraphim Interconnect Cable for highest transfer quality
• Originally mastered at Air Studios London
• Created using ATR Magnetics Tape Stock
• Housed in Heavy Duty Professional boxes
• Transferred and monitored by Chasing The Dragon Producer Mike Valentine

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