Chasing The Dragon Pure Reference - 1/4" 15IPS R2R Tape

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Chasing The Dragon Pure Reference - 1/4" 15IPS R2R Tape
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Chasing the Dragon -  AAA 100% Analogue -  15IPS 1/4 R2R TAPE 

Limited Edition

This Pure Reference Reel To Reel contains high-quality recordings as examples of 8 different types of tonal sounds including Swing Band, Saxophone, Harp, Soprano, Piano, Organ, Guitar, and Drum Kit.

The tracks on the reference demonstration tape have all been recorded with a pair of vintage valve U47 microphones in natural acoustics except for a few tracks which have been marked. Those were recorded Binaurally which can also be played on loudspeakers, therefore there are no compatibility issues. All of them have been recorded to the highest possible standard, hence the title "Reference Tape".

• Created from 30IPS 1/2" Running Masters at Air Studios
• 1/4" 15IPS CCIR
• Original Master Tapes recorded at 30ips onto ½" Tape
• Copy Masters are made using 2 Studer A820 Master Recorders
• No compression, limiting reverberation or equalization has been used
• Machines are connected with Zensati Seraphim Interconnect Cable for highest transfer quality
• Originally mastered at Air Studios London
• Created using ATR Magnetics Tape Stock
• Housed in Heavy Duty Professional boxes
• Transferred and monitored by Chasing The Dragon Producer Mike Valentine

1. Swing Band: Ted Heath / Hawaiian War Chant *
2. Saxophone: Improvisation - David Graham
3. Harp: Falla - Spanish Dance No. 1 - Valeria Kurvatova
4. Soprano: Mozart - Durch Zartlicheit & Schmeicheln - Daisy Brown
5. Piano: Mozart - Sonata * - Graham Blyth
6. Organ: Bach - Toccata in D minor 
7. Guitar: Bach - Prelude Suite No. 1 - S. Kursun
8. Drum Kit: Improvisation * - Studio Recording

* Recordings created with 2 valve U47 microphones except those marked * which were recorded Binaurally

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