Disc Doctor RCM Vacuum Tube Replacement Strips ( Pack Of 4 )

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Disc Doctor RCM Vacuum Tube Replacement Strips ( Pack Of 4 )
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Made of the same material used in Award Winning Disc Doctor brushes.

This allows owners of record cleaning machines to replace the vacuum wand felt strips with Disc Doctor quality strips.

Replacement Strips for Vacuum Cleaning Machine Wands. Great for Nitty Gritty , Moth  VPI & Similar Record Cleaners. RCM
The Disc Doctor Replacement Vacuum Strips have a self-adhesive strip for easy installation! 

"I've been playing records for 50 years and cutting record masters for almost 40. I have an extensive record collection and love vinyl as much as I ever did. I have used other record cleaners, but The Disc Doctor's products are, in my opinion, without peer. I have noticed vast improvement even with records that looked relatively clean before cleaning. I clean every record now before playing. I can't put into words how much more involving it makes my record listening. Do yourself a favor and stop thinking about ordering this stuff and do it! You won't be disappointed." - Kevin Gray, Owner, Cohearent Audio, LLC

"I use the Disc Doctor's fluid & brushes...I like this fluid a lot...these are my favorite brushes." - Michael Fremer, Editor, musicangle.com & Senior Contributing Editor, Stereophile

Ideal for Multiple Step Cleaning with Fluids & Rinse cycles with Dsistilled , RO or Ultra-Pure water with Mutiple Vacuum Wands - Hint - Works a Treat combined with Disc Doctor Quickwash RCM Fluid & Miarcle Brushes to apply Cleaning Fluids to Deep Cleaning of your valuable Records

* Cleaning fluids should be applied to the brush and
then dispersed about the disc rather than directly to
the record surface.
** Rinse water can be applied directly to the record
surface but the brush should be well wetted whenever
it contacts the disc. We do not find the brushes
supplied with current record cleaning machines to be
adequate for either cleaning or rinsing

The slot in the vacuum wand of most machines is sized and configured in such a manner that fluids tend to be evaporated as much as sucked through the tube and into an appropriate reservoir. This process results in sufficient turbulence at the face of the vacuum slot to aerosol fluids onto the vacuum strips and the record. At the least this necessitates that the wand be rinsed between wash and rinse steps, slowing the process down. 

Modifications for VPI and similar machines:

1) Purchase a second wand and column, dedicating one to the wash cycle and another to the rinse. 

2) Remove & rinse the single wand in distilled water between each wash-rinse step.

Set of 4 pieces, 4 1/8" long & 3/8" wide



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