Degritter RCM Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine + Acrylic Dust Cover

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Degritter RCM Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine 
The core of Degritter is the 120kHz ultrasonic cleaning system. The cleaning bath has four ultrasonic transducers (emitters), two on both sides covering the whole record

You may be familiar with ultrasonic record cleaning machines but the company says that its 120kHz frequency system provides, “…finer and more evenly distributed cleaning action than lower frequency systems. In fact, this technology at even higher frequencies is used to clean parts in the semiconductor industry, where surfaces need to be pure on a molecular level.”

Degritter uses a custom ultrasonic bath with a custom 340W ultrasonic amplifier that has been designed specifically for cleaning vinyl records. Degritter also comes with Frequency Sweep feature, which provides, “…better cavitation energy and power distribution.”

Degritter record cleaning machines come with an “active” filtering solution. Active means that it removes small particles and dirt from the water during the ultrasonic cleaning process. Dirt washed off the record is filtered out of the ultrasonic cleaning bath and it won’t end up back on the record..

The active filtering solution works by circulating water through the filter and then back into the bath while your record is being cleaned. Water is pulled into the filter from the top of the tank in order to remove all floating dust and particles. Heavy particles that settle at the bottom will be pumped out to the external water tank, which has a dedicated sediment section.

While the Degritter is designed to clean 12″ records by default, it’s possible to clean 7″ and 10″ records as well WITH THE OPTIONAL available adaptors.


Removable water tank with lid
100ml of cleaning fluid
Five spare open-cell filters
Fluid dosing pipette
Water level measurement strip
AC power cable

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