Elipson Planet LW Active Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 100wpc

Elipson Planet LW Active Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 100wpc

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The Planet LW will revolutionize your way of listening to music with a wireless connection between the speakers and your iPod/iPhone/iPad or your PC/Apple computer. You’ll no longer need an amplifier, a CD player, a DAC or other unsightly black boxes.In each speaker, active crossover with two 50W ICEpower® amplifiers connected directly to the tweeter and woofer propel the Planet LW speakers toward new heights of audio fidelity. ICEpower® is an independent subsidiary of Bang & Olufsen a/s.Using the included remote control , you’ll control volume, play, pause, and track selection. iPod, iPhone and iPad 

This package will revolutionize your way of listening to music with a wireless connection between the speakers, the Audio Bridge and your iPod/iPhone/iPad or your PC/Apple computer.

HIFI Choice Conclusion

There is a great deal to like about the way that the Planet LWs go about making music and this is given considerable extra flexibility thanks to the Audio Bridge.  For me at least, these issues don’t detract significantly from a beautifully implemented and impressively flexible active speaker.

LIKE: Powerful and refined sound; good looks; beautiful build
WE SAY: An innovative and entertaining product that is slightly specialised, but capable of great results

The reality is that, the Elipson Planet is to French broadcasting what the Rogers LS3/5 is in the UK. The Planet has appeared in various versions over the last 50 years. The most recent version, the Planet L, appeared in 2011 and quickly revealed itself to be a supremely capable speaker. The spherical cabinet was certainly eye catching, but also allows for the greatest internal volume with the smallest external one while helping to keep resonance at bay.
With the passive Planet L proving very able indeed, it stands to reason that an active version sounds promising too. The Planet LW here was actually launched in 2012 and combines the 6.5in doped paper mid bass driver and the soft dome tweeter used in the Planet L with the IcePower Class D amps that were originally specified in the Music Centre all-in-one system. The most interesting technical decision taken by Elipson was to fit a stereo amp to both speakers. This means that each driver has its own amplifier channel, which is placed behind the crossover and makes the LW a truly self-contained 
SYSTEM: 2 way
FREQUENCY RANGE (+/- 3DB): 42 - 20000 Hz
VOLTAGE: 220-240VAC Watts
TERMINAL TYPE: Single wiring
TERMINAL FINISH: Silver plated
ENCLOSURE: Bass Reflex
Magnetic shield
11.4 x 11.4 x 11.4" / 290 x 290 x 290 mm
Superb sound ,Wonderfully easy to use ,Original design - It's a closed system because that ensures it works exactly as it should. Combine the high-end drivers and considered design with the dual-B&O amplifiers and wireless, non-compressed audio technology and it's pretty clear where all that cash goes. A lot of buck, yes; but, by golly, plenty of bang.  T3.com
'This Elipson Planet LW package has much to commend it. It looks great, it's wireless and and it sounds pretty decent too.' 
'Moving the speakers close to a rear wall helps with outright authority without unbalancing tonality much; bass remains decently articulate in this position too.' 
'We admire Elipson’s fresh approach to speaker design. This package is a welcome change to the traditional options we normally see... If the style and convenience appeal take a serious listen.' (What Hi-Fi Magazine 2014)
Is it a pod from 2001: A Space Odyssey? A new wave 70s chair? A fencing mask for a small monkey? An antique diving helmet? Nope. None of the above. Rather, the Elipson Planet LW is a fantastic sounding & looking (and fantastically expensive) set of wireless speakers.
Weighing in at more than 12 lbs a piece and over $1800, the Planet LW is a serious investment. But with that investment you get perks like direct connection to your media device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) which means you can stream music directly from your iOS device without using AirPlay coupled with an external amplifier. It will make for a clean looking setup.
Elipson Planet LWElipson Planet LW
Elipson Planet LWElipson Planet LWElipson Planet LW

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