Elipson Audio Bridge for Planet LW Wireless Speakers

Elipson Audio Bridge for Planet LW Wireless Speakers

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Elipson Audio Bridge for Planet LW Wireless Speakers
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The Elipson Audio Bridge is the new connection center for your Planet LW. 
Replacing Elipson well DAC (USB or iPhone dongle), the Audio Bridge allows a wider selection of sources to be wirelessly sent to the Planet LW.
It allows you to enjoy the audio from all your devices featuring Bluetooth connectivity on the Planet LW (New Apple product with Lightning connector or Android Smartphone for example). The APTX Bluetooth certification of the Audio Bridge ensures you enjoy the best audio quality.
The Audio Bridge does not overlook CD player, Blu-ray, digital decoder, network reader and other audio sources thanks to the presence of analog input (RCA and mini-jack) and digital connection (optical on Toslink).
Link between Audio Bridge and Planet LW is done in CD quality (16bit/44KHz )
Bluetooth wireless, optical, 3.5mm Aux-in, Line-in
Is it a pod from 2001: A Space Odyssey? A new wave 70s chair? A fencing mask for a small monkey? An antique diving helmet? Nope. None of the above. Rather, the Elipson Planet LW is a fantastic sounding & looking (and fantastically expensive) set of wireless speakers.
Weighing in at more than 12 lbs a piece and over $1800, the Planet LW is a serious investment. But with that investment you get perks like direct connection to your media device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) which means you can stream music directly from your iOS device without using AirPlay coupled with an external amplifier. It will make for a clean looking setup.
Elipson Planet LWElipson Planet LW
Elipson Planet LWElipson Planet LWElipson Planet LW



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